High turnout of individuals and institutions to acquire ‘Golden Ribbon’

September 30, 2020

MANAMA — The Smile Initiative, an initiative of Bahrain Future Society for Youth, which provides psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents in Bahrain; revealed that a high turnout by individuals, companies and institutions in Bahrain surpassed expectations in acquiring the "Golden Ribbon". The initiative displays this ribbon through its website, indicating that buying this ribbon at a symbolic amount and wearing it represents a noble expression of supporting children with cancer in Bahrain.

The initiative indicated that this high turnout prompted it to extend the period of displaying the ribbon on the website until the end of next October, to enable all supporters and the public to purchase it.

Chairman of Future Society for Youth Sabah Abdul Rahman Al Zayani, stated that this is part of the awareness campaign "Our Children as Gold 7" recently launched by the initiative aiming to spread awareness of childhood cancer among diverse segments of society, and in line with the commitment of "Smile" initiative to support children with cancer in various circumstances.

"We have to admire the great interaction by supporters, institutions and the public with the cause of children with cancer through their acquisition of golden ribbon, and we praise everyone who acquired or promoted the ribbon, especially social media influencers who had the greatest impact in promoting it among their followers," he added.

He explained that Smile Initiative has agreed with "Talabat" to be the logistical sponsor for the campaign "Our Children as Gold 7". Talabat is currently undertaking the task of delivering ten thousand pieces of this ribbon to all individuals, institutions and companies requesting it.

"We call everyone to acquire this golden ribbon, which affirms the Bahraini community's commitment to supporting the cause of children with cancer, which is celebrated worldwide in September every year. The Golden Ribbon is one of the main activities of "Our Children as Gold 7" campaign, which includes numerous activities, events and innovative programs that lasts for a whole month. It ensures interaction by the public through social networks and other communication means, in a way that meets the aspirations of the participants, partners and the Bahraini community as a whole," he said.

This year, the campaign will mainly depend on producing media content like videos, pictures, and infographics to spread awareness about childhood cancer. Meetings with sick children and their families, doctors, and specialists will also be recorded to give information about the disease, and upload all this through online communication apps, and Social Media. — SG

September 30, 2020
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