Who is a gentleman?


“Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time,” quoted Luigi Pirandello, Italian dramatist, novelist and poet, describing a gentleman. However, from my point of view, humility and intelligence all the time are associated with gentlemen, and having those traits will automatically give a man the right attitude to be attractive.

This might sound indelicate for some of you, but I’m addressing the ones that are interested in having a long-term relationship and are looking forward to build a healthy happy life together. This article is going to be a little emotional and, I don’t know why, but this made me feel very sentimental. These sentiments help us understand many things and preferences mainly about others and ourselves on the next level.

From a feminist point of view, indeed, there is such great power in attitude and mindset of a man. Sometimes, somehow, we end up finding exactly what we need by meeting men displaying such attitudes and mindset. I believe such men can play a big part in a women’s life, if you don’t mind me saying so. For a gentle, smart man will have the power and ability to change someone’s (a female) life, who is going through a depression or through negative storms.

I also wonder how the subject will be viewed from male’s side. I think smart men have their own way of looking at things and people from different perspectives. And this attribute that such men are different is similar to how we thought and the way we feel about them, and in effect we are in the same circle as the men who view these people as different and ones who can make a difference.

I am always amazed to see such type of men; educated, gentle, show-off, and displaying humor while at the same time simple and elegant. We can present some more faces of these men but, I guess, most of the females, or maybe all, would choose and appreciate this type more than any other. Based on these traits, sometimes I wish that I gain the ability to shape or design this kind of man for all of us females.

Let me tell you loud and clear, that becoming “the one” in a woman’s life, means “the one” has touched the deepest spot within her and talked the exact language of her soul. I don’t know who wishes to hear this, but I will state clearly, that I have come to the conclusion that some people are spiritually blended because of the chemistry between them.

There is huge difference between the shallow-empty man and deep-serious man. And it comes off in the way they live their lives. I can briefly say the first one has a tendency to live for himself, while the wanted one will always care for the other in the relation and will give full attention to details that really matters. I will end this profound talk by posing a question to the men’s world. What about you? Can you please tell us what you love and admire the most in us? Please share with us your thoughts.

— The writer can be reached on Twitter: @moionlynoor