First diplomatic certificate!

October 13, 2020
Haila Al-Mashouh

The recent remarks of Prince Bandar Bin Sultan about the Palestine issue shed light not only on the comprehensive information that he possesses but also a strong statement supported with testimonies, people’s accounts, and official documents. Together with the statement, we need to realize that Saudi Arabia is a sovereign state, and when it decides to normalize or establish relations with anyone, it will not wait for anyone’s opinion or consent.

The prince’s appearance and testimony came spontaneously and simply as a former official who was a witness to the history full of events. Though his language was directed at sons and daughters of his country, his speech was blunt and painful for those of us who are accustomed to keep silent and are hesitant to confront ingratitude, denial, and abuse. It was an indication that the time has come to face bitter facts.

It was a discourse that contained grief, firmness, and shocks, leading us to one conclusion that the Palestinian issue, which has drained us politically and economically for 72 years, was obstructed only by none other than its owners! The remarks of Prince Bandar, a seasoned diplomat, were not a passing discourse even though it was directed to the sons and daughters of his country.

Rather, the discourse crossed borders and horizons in its influence and shook the Arab people because of its strength and impact as it came from a charming figure with a long career history full of events and political positions. He is one among those who shouldered the responsibility of resolving the Palestine issue by virtue of his closeness and his relations with the decision-makers in the United States.

Because of his country’s regional and global stature and its keenness to champion all Arab causes, the prince endured hardships over many years. All his hard word was virtually wasted when it became evident that its first obstacle to the Palestinian cause is the Palestinian Authority itself, and that all the efforts that were made were failed by no one else other than the authority’s leadership!

Prince Bandar directed a message to the Palestinian people in which he stated that he respects and appreciates them. He will not allow those to interpret his testimony with bad intentions. They are our people and our brothers, and they are unfortunately the first to suffer from the failures of their leadership. This is the reality that everyone should be aware of because the Palestinian issue had met with great opportunities for solutions but all were spoilt deliberately. The priority had been to trade the issue, and not to resolve it!

October 13, 2020
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