Driving school in Taif keeps women waiting to get behind the wheel legally


Okaz/Saudi Gazette

TAIF — A female driving school in Taif has called on female drivers to avoid medications that cause drowsiness while driving.

"If driving a car is part of your schedule for the day, avoid taking drowsiness-causing drugs to ensure your safety and the safety of others," the school said in an awareness poster.

The call comes at a time when a number of women complained about a long waiting list for getting driving licenses.

There are around 23,000 women who are waiting to get driving licenses after submitting their applications at the school. The school has so far issued only 1,200 licenses during the last 10 months, at a rate of 4 licenses per day.

According to one of the applicants, she applied for the license six months back, and her turn has not come yet. She received the timing for the level tests only recently.

Others expressed their apprehensions regarding the delay in getting a license, saying that the entry of middle persons resulted in delaying the entire process. They say that the school issues only a limited number of licenses even though it has dozens of vehicles designated for training and other facilities to carry out tests for a large number of applicants.