KSRelief launches medical campaigns to combat blindness in Sudan, Nigeria


Saudi Gazette report

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (
KSRelief) is carrying out medical campaigns to combat blindness and diseases that cause it in Sudan and Nigeria.

In Sudan, KSRelief launched the campaign on Thursday in the presence of Saudi Ambassador to Sudan Ali Bin Hassan Jafar and Sudanese Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Nasreddine Mufreh.

KSRelief's volunteer medical team will perform approximately 2,500 surgeries, in addition to distributing eyeglasses and medicines for cases that do not require surgeries.

In Nigeria, KSRelief has launched the campaign in collaboration with International Sight (Al-Basar) organization.

As part of the campaign, which was launched on Wednesday, is expected to run for several days, KSRelief will be conducting testing, treating, conducting surgeries, distributing eyeglasses and medication for low-income families and individuals in Kano and Bushey regions.

KSRelief is carrying out campaigns to combat blindness in several needy countries around the world without any discrimination.

Meanwhile, KSRelief’s supervisor general for operations and programs Ahmed Ali Al-Baiz signed a virtual agreement to implement the winter bag project in Jordan.

As part of the agreement, as many as 18,088 winter bags containing blankets, stocks, boys and girls sweaters and jackets, and men’s and women’s shawls, will be distributed to benefit 90,440 children belonging to Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian families in a number of governorates.