Feelings of gratitude: 6th anniversary of King Salman's accession to throne

November 19, 2020
Noor A. AlNaboud

How do I express my gratitude? I always used to wonder what makes me feel grateful. Now I can say there is nothing more to make me feel grateful when we have a king like King Salman.

I’m showing my immense gratitude toward the King and I believe all Saudis have a profound desire to find a way to show their love for him more than before and it is incremental. Filled with happiness, we are all witnessing the sixth anniversary of King Salman’s accession to the throne, may Allah bless him.

I am just grateful for being alive to witness his reign transforming Saudi Arabia in a way where all my basic needs are fulfilled and fellow citizens are being educated, cultured and well-grounded.

A sense of gratitude toward the King develops from things we can all see in our country, as no one can deny the progress and achievements Saudi Arabia has made in the last six years until now. The Kingdom is leading the G20 smoothly and effectively amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The world is full of praise for King Salman for his sincere concern for humanity and endless efforts to make the world a better place by helping other countries that are in need. Take, for example, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSRelief) is continuously undertaking efforts to support the food security sector globally.

Citizens and residents are full of gratitude for having access to all facilities in Saudi Arabia with quality services, like, telecom, Internet, electricity, health care system, online educational programs in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Saudi employees have been supported by the state with huge financial contributions and also by the Saudization programs. It’s almost impossible for me to count all the things that have been done to improve the living conditions in the Kingdom.

Another step to stay grateful, take the experience of coronavirus and its negative impact on the economic system globally. King Salman never missed an opportunity to extend his support to Saudi society. His majesty has now called for raising minimum monthly wage of Saudis for the Nitaqat program to SR 4,000.

Recent events around the world have proven how King Salman has contributed to bringing about agreements on many issues. It is important here to remember that Saudi Arabia and Iraq have reopened the border crossing at Jadeeda Arar after 3 decades and the move is aimed at strengthening bilateral relations in all fields and in all aspects.

All these developments give me a positive outlook for peace, stability, and moderation rather than extremism. It’s great to end my piece by being thankful for our country led by King Salman and by recalling all words of wisdom he says in every speech that is quite reassuring.

Be grateful and all nice things will follow!

— The writer can be reached on Twitter: @moionlynoor

November 19, 2020
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