Al Bowardi: Necessity of developing capacities of GCC’s unified military leadership


ABU DHABI — Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Bowardi, minister of state for defense affairs, Sunday headed the 17th session of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Joint Defense Council, which was held via video conferencing, with the attendance of GCC Secretary-General Dr. Nayef Falah M. Al Hajraf.

In his opening speech, Al Bowardi highlighted the necessity of developing the capacities of our unified military leadership, stating, "Based on our experience in the UAE, we believe that the Armed Forces have the necessary resources, capacities and expertise to face emergencies, crises and disasters, to play a key and active role in combatting the pandemic.

“Pandemics can have a similar effect to weapons of mass destruction, as they pose a serious threat to national security. Therefore, we recommend advancing the capacities of our unified military leadership to face similar threats in the future."

"According to what the Supreme Military Committee presented in its report on the region’s situation and the nature of the security and military threats facing our countries, and under the framework of our mutual fate in the region, our joint military and defense cooperation and the close coordination between our countries will remain our guarantee and shield us from threats and risks.

“Therefore, it is highly important to reinforce our capacities to defend the sovereignty and independence of our countries, to achieve regional peace and stability in the GCC region," Al Bowardi added.

During the meeting, the council’s members discussed its key achievements over the past period, as well as several issues related to GCC joint defense affairs and topics listed on the agenda of the Supreme Military Committee.

At the end of the meeting, they issued several decisions and recommendations, most notably how to reinforce their cooperation, develop their military capacities, and overcome the challenges facing the armed forces of GCC countries. — WAM