Integrated development plan for neighborhoods approved

November 26, 2020

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Acting Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Majed Al-Hoqail has approved an integrated plan to develop neighborhoods in all regions and governorates of Saudi Arabia.

The plan includes the establishment of an administrative unit to be known as the Department for Development of Regions, as well as the creation of an administrative unit in all the mayoralties.

The ministry’s Department for Town Planning will designate the functions of departments at the mayoralties to achieve the objectives in this regard.

These departments will undertake the mission of developing neighborhoods and will frame criteria, standards, guidelines, and general policies for dealing with this, in addition to ensuring effective participation and follow-up in the preparation and implementation of development projects in these neighborhoods. It will also ensure community partnership for the success of the projects that aim at urban development through upgrading these neighborhoods.

The ministry explained that it is working through the departments for the development of the neighborhoods to provide technical, engineering, and planning support to landowners to activate self-development work to achieve sustainable urban development in these areas as well as to provide support to mayoralties and municipalities to address encroachments and violations of municipal regulations.

The ministry affirmed that it is working continuously to review and develop planning standards and building regulations as well as to provide incentives to attract investors to these areas. The ministry is also working to coordinate with all bodies and entities for regional development besides updating the database with the relevant authorities.

November 26, 2020
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