Welcome Turki Al-Shikh

December 06, 2020
Noor A. AlNaboud

It is human nature that everyone has an inherent need for entertainment and a desire for joy, especially, with the present times causing a deep need for diversion for all of us, I presume.

Luckily, the entertainment sector is promising in Saudi Arabia as our wise leaders believe in the quality of life, therefore, are expanding and fully supporting this field in the country.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) Turki Al-Shikh is supervising entertainment inside Saudi Arabia and, I think, he is handling this sector smartly and attractively.

A lot of stride has been taken over the last couple of years in entertainment, managed by Al-Shikh, in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is alive nowadays with different forms of entertainment and is warming-up now, I truly trust, with Al-Shikh’s return after five months absence for a health trip in USA.

In addition the sector maximizes the opportunity to support Saudi and non-Saudi talents inside KSA, with Al-Shikh giving priority to the Saudis. He announced his support for 20 talented people as a personal challenge for this coming season.

There is no doubt that the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia is thriving, as it makes minds before it creates moments, and this is what Al-Shikh succeeded in doing in light of entertainment.

We are sure to expect great community events with plenty of live entertainment and amusement in the Riyadh Season in the coming days. We are predicting to see musical nights, fashion shows cultural programs, sporting and social events under the umbrella of entertainment, as we experienced in the previous seasons.

As noted, Al-Shikh is a big influencer globally, a lovely person, hard working and dedicated — qualities that qualify a team leader. He has shown these welcoming qualities in the meetings with his family in the entertainment sector, and as a unique leader is always planning outside the box.

I believe such leaders are motivating and inspiring and can contribute something new in whatever they do and wherever they go.

For Al-Shikh entertainment is not limited to a classical approach, but a business to be approached with the growing trends. And in this we see him taking the lead to provide all-round entertainment.

The important entertainment industry, extended to the amusement, will be supporting human resources and social sector and thus in turn improve the economic condition of the people in Saudi Arabia.

Such fancy world of joy, fun and love and entertaining life can be achieved only through the guidance of our great leaders, their endless efforts and financial backing.

December 06, 2020
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