Public Prosecution’s ethical attitude

January 12, 2021
Public Prosecution’s ethical attitude
Noor A. AlNaboud

Having and displaying ethical attitude truly matters, especially when it comes to government bodies or public affairs of a country. Such characteristics will only appear in countries that admire their individuals, thereby putting high standards in dealing with their cases and needs.

Saudi Arabia has shown that it has embraced this trait with a levelheaded approach in every sphere thereby making it evident that it has a trustable system that is appreciated by all.

One such entity looked up for its ethical work is the Public Prosecution, which is an independent judicial body that specializes in investigating crimes in Saudi Arabia.

The people who pronounce judgments have full capacity and judicial immunity and they are called members of the Public Prosecution.

Attorney General Sheikh Saud Bin Adullah AlMujib is the top prosecutor in this organization in Saudi Arabia, and is known for his long experience in judicial work.

He has shown fine teamwork while forging a highly professional team that interacts with all the events inside Saudi society.

The Attorney General has recently instructed the members of his team to implement the regulations by the book and not to arrest anybody without having legal document issued by an official authority in a regular manner.

He also sought to follow up on the cases of prisoners and detainees first-hand with investigation and judicial authorities and saw to the implementation of judicial rulings.

He also emphasized the need for taking necessary actions to make sure that all data and information are connected between the Public Prosecution office and prisons in order to accelerate the process of sharing required details.

Thankfully, we have such an organized system that’s full of integrity that it behaves according to what is morally right and fair, providing for a robust and honest judicial community.

Along with this display of ethics combine the wise policies of our leaders in Saudi Arabia, to put the interest human beings first in all aspects including justice, then you have a system in which all have belief.

As a Saudi woman, I also take the opportunity to mention here that the judicial system was in the lead to back women empowerment.

Attorney General Sheikh AlMujib said, “We are one of the first public institutes that enabled women to conduct their judicial work by appointing women as members of Public Prosecution that authorized to entertain all competencies and powers in this regards.”

It goes without saying that we would not have reached this advanced level of integrity and professionalism without the full support and guidance of our wise leaders.

— The writer can be reached on Twitter: @moionlynoor

January 12, 2021
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