Al-Rasheed: Riyadh strategy to be out after 4 months

January 28, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

Fahd Al-Rasheed, the CEO of the Royal Commission for Riyadh, said that the strategy to develop the capital city will be announced after four months.

“We are making finishing touches to the Riyadh development strategy, about which the Crown Prince made the announcement on Thursday. We will focus on attracting and localizing talent, and that we have governance in the city’s plans,” he said while participating in the second-day session of the Future Investment Initiative conference here on Thursday.

Al-Rasheed said the Riyadh Metro project, when launched, will be ranked 14th in the world. He revealed the salient features of the Riyadh development strategy, which is based on four pivotal aspects.

1. It seeks to enhance the economic footprint of Riyadh by developing sectors including industry, logistics, technology, biotechnology, and digital transformation.

2. It aims to improve the quality of life, especially through environmental projects and public parks.

3. It plans to develop talent through developing education and launching initiatives that stimulate talent, especially when taking into account the fact that 65 percent of the population of Riyadh are young people.

4. It focuses on strengthening the capacity for accommodation as the population will be doubled from seven million to 15 million, which requires massive infrastructure development.

January 28, 2021
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