Human Resources Ministry strategies

February 25, 2021
Human Resources Ministry strategies
Noor A. AlNaboud

While attending the meeting this week chaired by Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi, I witnessed new strategies and programs planned to make Saudi Arabia’s market grow and thus put the Kingdom in a unique position. The strategies sought out were such that it would suit the needs of Saudi Arabia and Saudis and the minister’s plans for the future were really promising.

It is noteworthy to mention, the minister was keen to hear all recommendations in order to make the Saudi market more efficient and progressive such that it fits the needs of Saudis. As a priority, raising the Saudization percent was stressed and the need to continue with what they had done in this respect was emphasized — like Saudizing pharmacy and engineering jobs.

I honestly believe this is a need as so many Saudis are unhappy because of the unfinished business in this area — Saudization. However, the minister emphasized that Saudi employment is of the highest degree of importance to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) and this issue is being attended to immediately, even with the ministry considering the data available in social media that helps them to have a clear picture of the current situation of unemployment.

One of the most significant things mentioned was their aim to operate directly with the government agencies concerning economic sectors — similar to the resettlement program in banking and insurance. This will, I believe, keep the work results inside the Ministry at a quick rate, transparent, efficient and up to date.

As a Saudi woman and essential part of the Saudi community, I was glad to hear the minister’s plan and care to increase the participation of Saudi woman in the market by reducing the regulatory restrictions that affect her chances in the private sector. And this choice of path goes with our Saudi Vision 2030, thankfully.

The new strategies also took into account the impact of recent trends in the labor market such as the entrepreneurial business like transportation platforms of Uber and Careem application that brought about a change in the transportation sector by allowing 600,000 drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Also, the growth of informatics business and databases is particularly lively and informative as this helps the Ministry to have better understating about the market, while trying to effectively match the employers and job seekers.

Furthermore, the industrial revolution that has spurred the automation technology and artificial intelligence, which require higher skills and talents, has enabled the ministry to create a good environment that encourages investment in these talents leading to replacements of low skilled residents and selective employment in this area — considering quality not quantity!

The Ministry has set up an international standard regarding flexibility at work in the public and private sectors, with regard to flexible working hours, vacations and holidays, self-employment and traditional work, labor and safety policy.

Among the strategies discussed were professional standards for career planning, developing personal skills and promoting a positive work culture, building foundational skills starting from early childhood stage from the third grade till the secondary school. And these plans, I think, will easily rank us among the developed countries.

One optimal point we all have to remember is what we all have today is because of the wise leadership we have in this glorious county — Saudi Arabia.

February 25, 2021
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