Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty

March 04, 2021
Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty
Noor A. AlNaboud

The concept of sovereignty has existed for hundreds of years throughout our historical, geographical, economic limits and dimensions, but talk on this subject is increasingly dominating nowadays.

Saudi Arabia has the region’s largest history, geography and economy and this factor weighed in the Saudi decision that called for international companies to have headquarters in Saudi Arabia if they hope to land government contracts in 2024.

Broadly speaking Saudi Arabia and Saudis have asserted genuine sovereignty with their unified reaction against the CIA report. And that is a part of the fulfilled quest for self-determination. For this reason, many countries have affirmed the attitude of Saudi Arabia.

There is Saudi Arabia’s insistence of unanimity for Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, and, this is partly grounds of sovereignty as well. There is a strong social attachment to Crown Prince Muhammad from the Saudis and this exists in the way they defend the country and stay by his side in front of global society.

From this I see that Saudis are truly devoted to the Crown Prince out of true love and their spontaneous raising his name and photo shows in a very simple way this devotion, and also their being loyal to “one’s person” who has made a powerful impact upon “all people” here in Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, it was a comic end to what started as a CIA report on the case of Jamal Khashoggi, in which they failed to bring one single proof against Crown Prince. Thus, I believe, the idea of that report was intended and shaped to harm the image of Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Muhammad in international politics by putting territorial claims over Saudi Arabia in order to diminish its power globally.

This, of course will never happen, as no international authority has any right over Saudi Arabia, except us Saudis, and this has been asserted and reiterated by the Foreign Ministry. The doubts and conspiracy theories are just imaginary as Saudis stay rock solid on their sovereignty.

Personally, I’m not confident in what it called democracy that are assumed to defend human rights, freedom of speech, and racism but all these are in theory only in these democracies and not universally practiced.

Whenever I see crimes being committed against humanity, such as the one by Iran with their terrorist activities, including their support for Houthis in Yemen, I see the world’s double standard by allowing Iran a free run. Iran has committed a number of violent attacks and Saudi Arabia is facing almost daily attacks on its sovereignty without serious actions from these democracies, unfortunately, and this is a shame.

Don’t we all need to act against such attacks in this era? Especially stop the unrest and disorder that results from Houthi and Iran actions in Yemen. We need to prevent these violations by Houthi, who are truly the devil that risks humans and environment. We all must act to keep order and peace in the region. As far as I am concerned, a divine punishment will be upon them for their continuing criminal offenses on this planet.

March 04, 2021
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