9 Gulf War martyrs, including a Saudi, laid to rest after 30 years

March 08, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

KUWAIT — Crowds of worshipers and relatives of Gulf War martyrs performed funeral prayer on Saturday afternoon here, for the Gulf War Saudi officer Mutlaq Bin Sinan Al-Dhiyabi Al-Otaibi and eight Kuwaiti martyrs.

The prayer was attended by the Saudi ambassador to Kuwait, Prince Sultan Bin Saad Bin Khalid, and Kuwaiti Interior Minister Sheikh Thamer Al-Ali Al-Sabah.

The funeral rites for the martyrs took place after identifying their remains, using DNA tests, 30 years after their disappearance, as they were killed by the former Iraqi regime during the invasion of Kuwait.

Retired Brig. Gen. Muhammad Bin Sinan Al-Dhiyabi said that the sister of Saudi officer Mutlaq Bin Sinan Al-Dhiyabi Al-Otaibi was buried on Saturday afternoon, in the presence of the Saudi ambassador, the Kuwaiti interior minister and a number of relatives in Kuwait.

The story of Al-Otaibi’s disappearance goes back to the events of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, where he was among the Saudis participating in entering Iraq, before he disappeared despite the tireless efforts to find him.

The results of DNA tests on Al-Otaibi’s father and mother eight years ago matched with those on samples taken from the remains of the people who were found.

Hence, it was announced that the remains of the late Saudi officer Mutlaq Bin Sinan Al-Dhiyabi Al-Otaibi along with those of eight Kuwaiti Gulf War martyrs had been found.

March 08, 2021
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