Labor court orders payment of dues of 90 workers of closed tourism resort

March 11, 2021

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — A labor court in Jeddah ordered the owner of a tourist resort that ended its operation to pay the allowances and dues of 90 employees and workers.

The beneficiaries of the verdict, include workers of Arab and Asian nationalities in various professions such as laborer, electrician, plumber, cook and architect.

According to the ruling, the owner has to pay every worker his delayed salaries, end-of-service allowance, as well as allowance related to the renewal of residency permit (iqama), travel ticket, as well as the compensation for holidays and balances of paid leave.

The court also directed the owner to issue final exit visa of the workers at his own expense.

The court issued the verdict after reviewing the arguments in the lawsuit filed by the workers and justifications of the tourist park owner, the defendant. It also examined the labor contracts concluded between the employer and the workers and allowed all parties to submit their notes before the Labor Circuit.

After the hearing sessions, the court concluded that the resort owner is obligated to pay all the dues decided upon, and the verdict would have a final status. Later on, the implementation court received a copy of the judgment, and proceeded to implement it by force.

The court issued a number of judgments while the rest of the rulings are in the process of completion.

A number of workers of the resort expressed their gratitude toward the Saudi judiciary for doing justice and verdicts that paved the way for the clearance of all their dues.

According to the latest statistical figures of the Ministry of Justice, the rate of cases received by labor courts across the Kingdom ranged between 43 and 497 on a daily basis, with an average of 199 cases per day, and 83 percent of these cases came from the regions of Makkah, Riyadh and the Eastern Province.

The daily average number of labor judgments ranged between 122 and 243, with an average of 174 judgments per day, of these 80 percent were in the regions of Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province, the ministry pointed out.

March 11, 2021
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