Saudi Arabia is getting ready!

March 12, 2021
Saudi Arabia is getting ready!

Muhammad Al-Saad

THE drone attack launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia toward the Saudi port of Ras Tanura in the Arabian Gulf has brought out the challenges to leftist-oriented new American policy, influenced by terrorist elements.

This stupid Iranian behavior was not and will not be a passing event, and the Saudi reference to it is not a message that can simply be overlooked without any reaction, especially since the Saudis, in the aftermath of the attacks on the Abqaiq and Khurais oil refineries, showed patience and took into account the regional and international interest and responded to the wishes of the international community.

Saudi Arabia did this with an expectation that the international community would understand what happened to the Kingdom as a result of Iran’s continuing aggression, its terrorist behavior and indifference to international reactions. However, the response from the international community did not exceed beyond condemnations. Will the weak-willed international community give any assurances for the Saudi response to this hostility?

Saudis believe that the US under the new administration, Germany, the European Union, and the United Nations, will reward Tehran for its aggression and offer it bribes and political gifts instead of admonishing Iran and punishing it for its misconduct.

The political and military situation today in the Arabian Gulf region is similar to the “Tanker War” that Iran started in the mid-1980s during the first Gulf War against energy supply lines, which forced some Gulf countries to raise the flags of Western countries to protect their oil carriers, and the State of Kuwait started it with raising the flag of the Soviet Union.

But the international will at that time was strong as US President Ronald Reagan ordered the heavy bombardment of Iranian military ports and oil refineries and gave orders for the direct confrontation with the Iranians.

The tension reached its peak with Iran shifting its battle from the middle of the Gulf to the Saudi coasts and posed threats to civilian and economic facilities, with its aircraft penetrating into the Kingdom’s airspace. Riyadh warned Iranians more than once, and informed friendly countries about Iran’s designs. It was the highly distinguished Saudi diplomatic act that paved the way eventually for the tough Saudi response, and that resulted in the downing of planes and prevention of Iranian military aircraft from flying in the Arabian Gulf.

The recent Saudi political move with the involvement of Russia, Jordan, Sudan, Malaysia, and Bahrain can only be understood in the context of a new preparedness that aims to reshape the Kingdom’s allies and its Arab, Islamic and international partners and to change the power center that Tehran has penetrated and tampered with. Through its new political move, Riyadh intended to tell Iran and the world that Saudis can realize well their real enemy, and they understand well that the Houthi or Iraqi terrorist groups are nothing but sub-agents who launch drones and missiles at the diktat of Tehran, and that the one, who will ultimately pay the price, will be Tehran.

Saudi Arabia, which is well known in all its policies for its patience and wisdom and giving greater opportunity for diplomacy, holds all concerned parties responsible for what happens, and the Kingdom sends very clear signals that it is about to move to protect its people and its economic centers from any irresponsible frivolities by Iran, because of Tehran’s understanding of the latest American messages that they will be exempted from consequences.

The new US administration seems to be in a miserable position with its “Iranian allies”. Yes, Washington may deny this but the American behavior and the international move to re-float Tehran suggests that the Iranians are the closest thing to a spoiled child in the arms of the extremist leftists in the US government.

There is no explanation for the persistence of the Iranian reckless acts in the region except its excessive temptation and delusion, which put the Biden administration in an awkward situation and forced it to make public pledges that it understands the duty of the Saudis to defend their homeland against any attacks, and at the same time it sees Iranians breaking the red lines with Riyadh while pursuing their aggressive acts.

It is as if Riyadh is warning the world that it has only five minutes remaining before it runs out of patience and begins a move that will be a tough, harsh, and resounding one. And everyone, who participates in the Iranian aggression or condones Iranian terrorism, will be made to pay the price.

March 12, 2021
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