KACND launches National Dialogue Award to promote tolerance, coexistence and cohesion

April 10, 2021

RIYADH — King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue launched the National Dialogue Award on Thursday (April 8, 2021), as one of its national initiatives to highlight and promote the values of tolerance, coexistence and cohesion, in order to achieve the aspirations of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 of building a vibrant and prosperous society.

The award comes as a continuation of the series of initiatives, projects and specific programs implemented by the center within the strategy it launched last year with one of the prominent national prizes entrusted with achieving the center's objectives, in line with the stage of development and growth that the Kingdom is witnessing in all fields.

The award aims to encourage and stimulate national achievements carried out by governmental and civil institutions, civil society institutions and individuals, to be distinguished and effective partners by presenting initiatives that contribute to strengthening the positive values system that the center seeks to establish in society, as well as to build a tolerant society for a prosperous nation.

The award is based on four pillars, the first, being the common religious and Arab values from which the Saudi society quotes its authentic culture and customs, while the second is the Vision 2030, which focuses on national aspirations aiming to promote the values of tolerance, coexistence and peace.

The third pillar is the center’s strategy that seeks to be our society being a model of prosperity, tolerance and vitality, while the fourth pillar is the great diversity that abounds in the Kingdom’s various regions, which represents a model of coexistence and cohesion.

It includes four branches. The first is awarded to government institutions that have contributed significantly to promoting the values of tolerance, coexistence and national cohesion. The second is devoted to the private sector institutions that supports or implements programs that had a societal impact in instilling the values of dialogue and tolerance.

While the third will be awarded to civil society organizations, as the award in its fourth branch will be awarded to distinguished and innovative works carried out by inspiring citizens, through which they have actively contributed to promoting a culture of dialogue and respect for difference and diversity.

The center has set several controls and conditions that must be met by the applicant for the award, the most prominent of which is that he must be a Saudi national, be an individual or an institution that has made a qualitative contribution to the award's subject. In addition he should not be a staff member of the center. Other conditions for participating are included in the application form on the award's website. The forms should be submitted before the last date. Applications and all documents needed should be are submitted in the form of a PDF file.

The center approved the formation of an organizational structure for the award consisting of the Board of Trustees and the Award Secretariat that oversees the Award’s Management and approves its annual plan. Several other committees have been formed for the award: the Executive Committee, the Committee for Sorting and Receiving Applications, the Arbitration Committee, in addition to the Secretariat of the Executive Committee.

The competition goes through several stages, the first began with its announcement, with the next step being the submission of the applications, followed by the sorting of the candidates' applications through the first evaluation stage, then shortening the list of applicants and submitting them briefly from the executive committee to the award secretariat for study, approving the list of candidates and submitting it to the board of trustees, then holding the award ceremony before handing out the prizes.

The center has allocated a number of financial and in-kind prizes (non cash prizes), consisting of a certificate approved by the center, a medal (or shield), and a sum of money (half a million riyals) given to the winners whose work and participation will be subject to evaluation. The winners will be informed and invited to the annual ceremony that will be held at the center's headquarters in Riyadh. They would also attend a forum in which they will participate by giving lectures on their work topics and areas of expertise.

The center announced the creation of a website for the award on the Internet, which is considered its official interface and an open communication channel, stating its objectives and conditions, in addition to publishing its news and introducing the names of its winners after each session, highlighting their CVs, and a brief explanation of their winning works. — SG

April 10, 2021
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