Welcome to beautiful Ramadan customs

April 14, 2021
Welcome to beautiful Ramadan customs
Noor A. AlNaboud

During Ramadan, all get a fresh chance to preform and practice new healthy and spiritual programs far away for the daily, boring, routine and repetitive tasks and actions in a person’s life.

One of the most vivid memories during the holy month is how people decorate their homes and streets, welcoming all with a smile or food, while the rituals of this month brings peace, comfort and love.

One of the famous customs in the Middle East during the month of Ramadan is the sound of the drums, as the streets reverberates with drum beats to indicate that it is time for people to wake up and have their Suhoor meal before dawn.

Some of the other Ramadan customs includes wearing the traditional style of clothing, illuminating our homes and our neighborhoods with unique lanterns and decorations, reliving our traditional beliefs and listening to stories of Muslim communities that act as guiding principle or learning something new from each area or country.

During Ramadan, Muslims communities all over the world make it a point to think about others, especially our near and dear ones expressly our relatives with whom we’ve lost connection. The Muslims tend to forgive the follies of others while showing kindness, compassion and mercy towards others.

One of the simplest and helpful deeds practiced during this holy month is sharing food with your neighbors, and even providing what is in our means to the needy. It is a month when we turn on our generosity, become sociable, and exude friendliness and openness.

The last ten days of Ramadan are particularly spiritual where Muslims choose to stay in mosques during this period in order to focus on worship as I’tikaaf. But this Ramadan, this will not be allowed due to the pandemic that has set up a slew of protocols that has limited our daily lives.

We can’t forget the way we were in the grip of confusion concerning the TV shows and series that are launched during this month which extend for 30 episodes — one for each day of Ramadan. The many series packed in the month make us lose our concentration with a major worry of which show or series to follow.

Ramadan is an ideal period of time in the Hijri calendar when we leave everything behind to be connected with Allah, seeking utmost bliss, peace and happiness.

At the end of this holy month comes the Eid Al Fitr feast. And we don’t know what kind of Eid we will have this year. The question is are we going to celebrate it at close quarters or at a distance, and are we going to meet our families or will we be connected remotely only!

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April 14, 2021
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