13th century Al-Habeish Mosque ready to receive worshippers after renovation

April 18, 2021

AL-HOFUF — Thirteenth Hijri Century Al-Habeish Mosque has opened its doors to worshippers after it has been rehabilitated and renovated as part of the Muhammad Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under which 30 mosques in 10 regions are to be restored and rehabilitated.

The mosque, located in Al-Hofuf, Eastern Region, is one of the oldest heritage mosques in the city. It is considered as a scholarly beacon for Al-Ahsa students considering the fact that Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Alji, who was one of the leading scholars in Al-Ahsa, studied in it.

It was constructed in a unique architectural style with a circular arched portico, which was built of limestone and clay. Its roof is made of sandalwood, bamboo sticks and mats and was built on an area of 318 square meters and accommodated 80 worshippers before the rehabilitation process.

The mosque also included a prayer house, a 84 m courtyard, toilets and places for ablution, a room for the imam, and a square-shaped minaret with a height of 5.48 m.

Currently, the mosque, after the renovation, consists of a prayer house, seclusion, Al-Sarha (a courtyard), a minaret, a depot, a prayer area for women, toilets, and ablution places for men and women, and can accommodate up to 90 worshipers. — SPA

April 18, 2021
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