The Authentic Saudi

April 19, 2021
The Authentic Saudi
Noor A. AlNaboud

Historically, generosity and nobleness is imbibed in the Arab spirit, and this can be seen clearly in their behavior that has high moral standards especially inside their social circle.

Undoubtedly, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered No. 1 in terms of good deeds and in doing good acts efficiently. That’s because of the well-balanced ability and the economic stability, and this sate of steadiness has enabled Saudi Arabia to have continual pattern without end in respect of charitable contributions.

Ehsan organization has shown the kindness and readiness of Saudi community to give and help in bold, enthusiastic, cheerful and kindly manner. This I believe will have a great meaning and a lasting effect globally as Saudi Arabia is one of the first countries in the Middle East to have taken this step in giving to those in need.

Ehsan movement is all encompassing as it works in every which way to provide help to the deserving in the community. It has a wide ambit of functions and it includes providing assists in a variety of ways.

It hands out food baskets to the disadvantaged, offers electrical supplies to needy families, empowers widows and divorced women, helps in orphan sponsorship, provides medical equipment for ill people, renovates homes of low income families as well as helping prisoners financially to expedite their release “Farajat”.

In a loving manner this kind of humanitarian assistance has been processed through one verified national platform, in order to make sure that the aid is delivered to the needy people ethically, quickly and easily, and to meet the required categories and purposes.

It is really pleasant to note that Ehsan has been formed and managed by a team of 100 percent Saudi youth. Their actions have made all Saudis proud, while reiterating the fact that, firstly, Saudis can do surprising things to please their country and, secondly, also provide all the help to the world.

The achievement also underlines one major fact of how much our wise leadership is having a persuasive effect in the self of Saudis, making them to believe in themselves and to compete with the best and move up to the top level in the future.

We value our leaders for their voluntary giving and generosity with the intention of improving humankind’s conditions. They represent the model of the soft power that the leadership needs to exude. The lead has been provided and we expect Saudi businessmen to participate as well like those who did their virtual part.

The act of selfless giving, genuinely, reflects a moral that I wish to share. What I see is that the goal is not to just survive in the battle of life, but to make a good impact in the planet in any which way!

— Saudi writer can be reached @moionlynoor

April 19, 2021
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