Al-Hoqail approves engineering designs for demolition of ministry’s fences

May 09, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing Majed Al-Hoqail has issued directives to demolish the walls surrounding the headquarters of the ministry located on King Fahd Street, to develop the external areas and make them accessible to the public.

The directives have come as a proactive step through which the ministry wants to stress on achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by improving the urban landscape of cities by adding external aesthetic and green spaces beginning with the ministry’s headquarters and up to the public utilities that are accessible to all in the city.

In a way, this will contribute to the humanization of cities for the benefit of all segments and groups of society, Saudi Press Agency said Saturday.

The environs of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing in Riyadh is deemed one of the sites being accorded most of the engineering and agricultural care, while ensuring there is harmony and consistency between the esthetics of nature and modern construction standards.

In this regard, the ministry’s headquarters building was designed according to the modern Najdi architectural style, while the designer of the park and external surfaces was inspired by the traditional Najdi farm.

Furthermore, by implementing the decision of the minister to carry out this project — which will improve the spaces and add some basic elements, such as the walkway and public services — the environs will no longer be closed and limited to the employees and citizens and residents visiting the ministry for some official transactions, or during working hours alone, but it will be made available for the benefit of the city and its visitors. It is expected to add a common aesthetic dimension among all.

In addition, it will play a role in changing the old view of ministries and departments, as the government is viewed as closed and separated from the external environment.

Carrying out of the project is scheduled to begin by the end of forthcoming Dhul Qa’dah, as the formal procedures have started by inviting technical and financial bids.

May 09, 2021
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