We can shape Saudi Arabia’s future by following our dreams

May 10, 2021
We can shape Saudi Arabia’s future by following our dreams
Ghadeer T Melibari

Every single young person will be given the skills to help shape a new chapter in the Kingdom’s history.

It is quite exciting to think the talents and ideas of today’s children will help create the Saudi Arabia of tomorrow.

This is what struck me about Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s passionate interview with journalist Abdullah Al-Mudaifer.

He is putting the future of the Kingdom in all our hands, with education set to play a central role.

Speaking with high confidence and ambition, he conveyed a deep knowledge of how our country is changing, and also fearlessness in finding opportunities for everyone in this.

In many ways, our dreams in the past have been shaped by our main industries.

But as the Crown Prince said, demand for oil will probably decrease from 2030.

In the past, these industries helped guide many people’s paths into careers, with much of life predetermined and focused around them.

Education was no different and modeled around the government collecting information and presenting it to pupils.

But children will now be given the chance to grow themselves.

Instead of simply listening, they will take instruction in subjects such as writing, math and science, and put these skills to the best use they can for their future.

In many ways, they will be able to follow or even create their own career paths.

Through this form of innovation, it is hoped we will achieve the ambition of having three universities ranked among the top 200 worldwide.

Another striking part of the interview was how the Crown Prince conveyed his faith in us all, and is giving us the power to guide the country.

This is through Vision 2030, which he believes is the best plan for creating a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious homeland.

What is particularly impressive is the urgency — the future does not start next year, or even tomorrow. It starts today.

The Crown Prince illustrated how driven and enthusiastic he is about creating as many opportunities as possible as quickly as possible.

The numbers of Saudis without a job fell from 12% at the end of 2020 to 11% this year, and it is hoped levels will keep dropping.

Since becoming Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia in 2017, he has been putting a youthful stamp on the Kingdom’s institutions.

This is something that should excite us all.

In many ways Vision 2030 is the dream of a highly confident, fearless, knowledgeable and ambitious leader, who knows that society must change in the modern world.

“Passion is extremely important to achieve our vision. If an official had no passion, then it would be extremely difficult for them to achieve their goals,” he said.

It is a call to the youth, that if they work hard and display these qualities, they will achieve what they want in life.

The speech was full of meaningful messages, ambition and hope for parents that their children can have a bright future.

In many ways, Vision 2030 is the Crown Prince’s dream — and it is the gift to the nation that will allow us all to achieve our own.

— Dr. Ghadeer Talal Melibari, holder of PhD in English from University of Hertfordshire, UK, is currently working as Assistant Professor of English teaching at Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah.

May 10, 2021
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