Anti-graft authority stops illegal disbursement of SR100 million as it pursues number of cases

June 10, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) saved the public exchequer SR100 million by preventing an imminent illegal disbursement among other criminal cases it has recently initiated, an official source at the authority said.

The source highlighted 15 prominent cases and provided details on each case which are the following:

1. The anti-corruption authority in coordination with other ministries prevented an imminent disbursement of SR100 million in compensation for the expropriation of 32 properties located within the storage basin of one of the dams in one of the regions due to the irregularity in the issuance of deeds. The authority arrested an appeal judge who headed the court during that time as he took bribes for issuing those deeds. Moreover, 12 public employees working in related government entities in the governorates and centers affiliated with the region were also involved in the process.

2. In cooperation with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, 12 residents and a Gulf state citizen were arrested for enabling a container carrying tobacco to enter through one of the seaports illegally. The residents were arrested the moment they received the container and paid the amount of SR920,000 out of the SR2 million in one of the warehouses that belong to a Gulf state citizen.

3. In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, the authority arrested an accountant who works in the General Directorate of Prisons in one of the regions for taking bribes for allowing prohibited items inside the prison. The accountant also stole SR2 million meant for the allowances of released prisoners by forging signatures and hid the amount in his house. The accountant’s wife and another resident were also arrested as they tried to hide the amount after the arrest of the accused.

4. A judge who worked as head of the execution court in one of the regions was arrested for taking SR2.5 million in bribes from an attorney of one of the parties to a financial case. The judge also received international travel tickets from a businessman who is a party to another financial case, (those cases were under the execution court that he headed), in exchange for providing them with legal services that affect the course of cases.

5. An employee who works in a university was arrested for awarding 17 projects through direct purchases to commercial entities belonging to his relatives for a total amount of nearly SR2.17 million in an irregular manner.

6. Appeal judge in the administrative court was held for taking SR1.6 million in bribes from a company owner through one of the company's employees in exchange for rulings in favor of the company.

7. The director of the Information Technology Department in one of the regions' municipalities was arrested for signing final receipt minutes for maintenance and internet operational projects in two public parks, despite not completing their execution and spending their allocated total value amounting to SR840,850.

8. In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, a number of non-commissioned officers who work in the Border Guards were arrested for trying to smuggle tobacco products from one of the ports.

9. An employee, who works in a port of one of the regions, and two residents, were arrested for signing minutes containing incorrect information to complete the operation and maintenance of the main and backup electric generation stations and the medium and low-pressure electric stations in the port. The employee was arrested after it was found that he deposited SR500,000 in cash in his bank accounts and he failed to give any justifiable means.

10. In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, an officer with the rank of a captain who works in a police department in one of the regions and a resident (mediator) were arrested. The mediator received an amount of SR20,000 out of SR40,000) from a citizen upon the request of the captain in exchange for keeping the case of the citizen.

11. A doctor who works in a government hospital in one of the governorates was held for signing a temporary work contract with another hospital during his official leave period and receiving an amount of SR110,000 other than his monthly salaries despite leaving the Kingdom during the validity period of the contract.

12. In cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf), the owner of a commercial entity was arrested for registering 39 employees and obtaining through them government support of SR190,500 in an irregular manner.

13. An employee, who works in a hospital in one of the governorates, was arrested for illegally entering the hospital's electronic system, using the username of his manager and approving his transfer request after learning of his manager's death.

14: In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, an officer with the rank of a corporal who works in a detention center was arrested, for taking SR35,000 in bribes from a citizen in exchange for releasing a resident illegally.

15. The manager of the construction department who works in an education directorate in one of the regions was held for preparing falsified reports on one of the ministry's projects which resulted in exempting the contractor from delay fines.

June 10, 2021
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