‘Creation of North American camel association important global development’

June 17, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

The establishment of the North American Camel Ranch Owner Association (NACROA) in the United States marks an developmental step in the camel sector globally, Sheikh Fahd Bin Falah Bin Hithleen, founder and president of the International Camel Organization (ICO), said on Thursday.

The establishment of the NACROA under the supervision of the ICO came as the result of successful efforts made by owners of camel ranches in the US who held a couple of meetings to set up the association last year.

Officially registered in the US, NACROA aims to support and promote the camel industry in North America and advocate for best practices surrounding the welfare and health of camels.

Commenting on the development, Aaron Scott Wendell, president of NACROA, said that the increasing number of camel ranches in the US prompted them to establish the association,

The accelerated and multiple efforts of the ICO to serve the camel sector behind joining the organization and working with it under its supervision to develop the camel sector in all its aspects, Wendell a

Scott thanked Sheikh Fahd Bin Falah Bin Hithleen for his efforts and encouragement to establish this association, whose work will be quickly and directly reflected in the development of various aspects in the economic, cultural, medical and sports activities of camels.

For his part, Sheikh Fahd Bin Hithleen said that the establishment of NACROA and the one before such as the European Camel Ranch Owners Association comes within the mobilization of all international specialized efforts to serve and develop the camel sector.

He thanked all the owners of camel ranches in North America for their efforts in establishing the association and ensuring the activation of its work as quickly as possible.

It is noteworthy that ICO is a non-profit organization based in Riyadh, founded by Sheikh Fahd Bin Hithleen in March 2019, and currently includes about 105 member countries on the level of the six continents of the world, and the organization aims to develop and serve everything related to camels as a heritage.

June 17, 2021
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