Renowned Saudi writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan mourned

July 24, 2021
Renowned Saudi writer and human rights official Sharifa Al-Shamlan.
Renowned Saudi writer and human rights official Sharifa Al-Shamlan.

Saudi Gazette report

DAMMAM — Renowned Saudi writer and human rights official Sharifa Al-Shamlan died on Wednesday evening after suffering from prolonged illness. Her body was buried in the Dammam cemetery after offering funeral prayer on Thursday morning.

Munira Al-Shamlan, daughter of the deceased writer, tweeted the sad news of her mother’s demise: “With hearts that believe in God’s judgment and mercy, I inform that my beloved mother Sharifa Al-Shamlan rose to the mercy of God Almighty, and may He grant her the highest place in Paradise...”

Several prominent Saudi figures, including media persons and writers, mourned the death of Al-Shamlan, praying to Allah for forgiveness. They recalled her outstanding contributions in the cultural and literary as well as in the human rights fields.

Paying tribute to Al-Shamlan, Bader Al Asaker, head of the Private Office of the Crown Prince and board member of Misk Foundation tweeted: “Sharifa Al-Shamlan, one of the pioneers of Saudi literature who published stories and articles, etching her name in the memory of our cultural history. We pray to God to give patience and solace to her bereaved family members and relatives.”

In her condolence message, eminent Saudi poet and former member of the Shoura Council Thuraya Arrayed tweeted: “Excruciating bereavement... dear friend, the well-known Saudi writer and pioneering storyteller passed away.” She continued: “May God show mercy on her and accommodate her in His pure neighborhood. May God reward her family and relatives — Al-Shamlan family, and all her beloved people. My condolences to the literary and cultural arenas... We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

On his part, Saudi columnist Abdullah Alami tweeted: May God shower His mercy on the Saudi writer Sharifa Al-Shamlan.” He also recalled an excerpt from her writings: “Between dreaming and waking up, it seems like opening a door of hope and that was the night of Sept. 26. All of a sudden, the houses turned into a joyous square; mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters...”

Al-Shamlan was the holder of a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the College of Arts at the University of Baghdad. She began her career as a social worker and scaled her ranks in her decades-long profession until she became the director-general of the Women’s Social Supervision Department in the Eastern Province for 27 years. She played a key role in the establishment of a women’s human rights office at the branch of the Saudi Human Rights Commission in the Eastern Province and served it for three years.

Al-Shamlan is the author of six story collections. Her works include “Clips from Life;” “Tomorrow Comes;” “Extremely Calm;” “The Last Night;” “The City of Clouds;” and “A Child Swimming in a River.” She had also written many research and studies, including: “Education and medicine in the past;” “Services provided at the Social Affairs Agency and work to develop them;” and “Distinguished programs for women’s charities.”

Al-Shamlan participated in several conferences and festivals in Saudi Arabia and abroad. She had delivered the speech of Saudi intellectuals at the Riyadh International Book Fair held in 2010.

July 24, 2021
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