MoE to add sign language to this year's curriculum

August 13, 2021

Saudi Gazette Report

RIYADH — The Ministry of Education announced that sign language would be included in school curricula for all educational levels in general education this year.

In preparation for the new academic year, the Ministry of Education has developed study plans and educational programs for students with special needs.

The plan has been aligned with the new study plans for general education, along with their educational needs, including the achievement of quality education for students with special needs to enhance lifelong learning opportunities and improve their learning outcomes to achieve the goals of Vision 2030.

The Ministry of Education added new subjects such as (English language, digital skills, social studies, physical education, self-defense), and the latest decisions in developing curricula for all educational levels in public education were the inclusion of sign language in the (family education and life skills) curriculum.

Classes related to activity and vocational training have also been added, as well as (Mus’haf madrasati) which is specialized in teaching the Holy Qur’an to help students with special needs to learn.

Dr. Maha Al-Sulaiman, undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Educational Programs, said: "The ministry has completed its work on developing study plans for special education to suit the needs of students with special needs."

Al-Sulaiman stressed that the development of the programs specialized in special education will produce positive results, and will be considered an investment for them in their daily study hours, which will contribute to increasing learning opportunities, improving the results of students with special needs and developing their performance in various subjects.

The newly developed curricula will also increase the opportunity for them to acquire professional skills to qualify them for the labor market and make them productive members of society, and also to cope with the requirements of the current era.

Al-Sulaiman confirmed that the study plan for the next academic year includes updating plans and programs to suit students with special needs, and providing awareness programs for the families and parents.

August 13, 2021
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