Biden... Recycling of terrorist waste!

September 03, 2021
Biden... Recycling of terrorist waste!

Mohammed Al-Saaed

In a reckless action in 1998, Al-Qaida attacked the embassies of the United States of America in Kenya and Tanzania. The simultaneous attack claimed the lives of 224 people, and injured 5,000 others.
Of course, the attack was horrific and provocative to the American public opinion, and it came two years before the new presidential elections, in which the Democrats were aspiring to complete a third round of victory. Therefore a controlled American military action was necessary to relieve the tension.
This was not the first terrorist attack on American interests in the Middle East and Africa specifically during the administration of Democrat President Bill Clinton. This terrorist attack was preceded by an attack on the residence of American military experts in Riyadh in 1995, which was carried out by Al-Qaida, and its leader Osama Bin Laden boasted about it in the following year 1996.
The other side of the equation of Islamic terrorism in the region is Shiite Hezbollah, this time on behalf of Iran, by detonating a truck bomb that targeted a US military residential compound in the city of Al-Khobar in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. The explosion was very huge and was carried out through an intelligence plan that used traitorous Saudi citizens, who escaped for a short period, but the Saudi authorities were able to bring them back and prosecuted them.
The chase of the terrorists was carried out over a period of years, which included a complex intelligence track down and that was done without any American assistance. The US did not interact seriously with the dossier or with similar dossiers though the Saudi authorities sent to the Americans complete and detailed information and evidence about the Iranian terrorist operation in Al-Khobar.
But the Americans ignored it, in their quest to appease Al-Qaida and the Iranians, or let’s say employing them to achieve their strategic interests while accepting collateral damage that ultimately benefitted the Democratic administration of the time. The slow pace of the Bill Clinton administration in pursuing the killers of its soldiers was very surprising. It was as if it wanted the terrorist gangs in Kandahar and Tehran to literally get away with murder.
Let us review what happened after the Kenya and Tanzania bombings to understand the situation more vividly. Under pressure of American public opinion, and a popular sense of humiliation, the Clinton administration carried out a military propaganda exercise and nothing more, with its attack on the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan.
The Al-Qaida military bases in Afghanistan were evacuated hours before the arrival of the American Tomahawk and Cruise missiles to bomb them, as if someone had informed Osama Bin Laden about the necessity of evacuating the bases before the attack. Who provided Bin Laden with the information, and who was keen to keep him alive until his purposes were exhausted?
Osama Bin Laden had enjoyed full sponsorship from the Brotherhood through its Sudanese branch under the leadership of Omar Al-Bashir, and the Afghan branch under the leadership of Mullah Omar. Indeed, the Americans rejected the Saudis’ decision after the latter announced that Bin Laden was stripped of his citizenship and was chasing him over the terrorist charges.
Today, the Democrats in the administration of Joe Biden invoke the same policy as Bill Clinton, and they recycle the same terrorist waste... Extremist groups have proven their ability to meet the needs of American politics anywhere in the world.
Iraq, a country of wealth and rich in resources, was destroyed due to the extremist Shiite militias, and in Syria, Daesh (so-called IS) carried out the same missions after it was born from the womb of the terrorist Jihad outfit and that was under the full sponsorship of regional and Western intelligence.
Of course, it terrified and killed the innocent and displaced millions. The important thing is that it turned into an organization that attracted all European extremists, who were killed and eliminated forever in Syria.
The recent Kabul airport attack reminds me a lot about the Tanzania attack, and even the American response to it is in the end part of the game of internal venting and nothing more. The number of dead is very huge, and there is nothing unusual for the presence of Americans among them while considering the fact that they had gone for fighting.
But the American strategic goals are remaining far away and not seen today, but its features appear in the smoke of wars and terrorism that reach between China and the Arabian Peninsula, fueled by the hands of Daesh and Al-Qaida, who are two sides of the same terrorist coin, made before the eyes of the American and Western intelligence.

September 03, 2021
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