Saudi Haia chief unveils plan to hire women staff 

October 19, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH - Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sanad, president of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (Haia), unveiled the commission’s plan to appoint women as its staff members in the near future.

“The commission has drawn up a strategic plan to take advantage of the female component to carry out its functions and tasks comprehensively in the fields of guidance, counseling and awareness,” he said.

The Haia chief made the remarks while attending a program on Al-Ekhbaria channel on Sunday. While disclosing details of the plan to hire women staff, Al-Sanad said that the Shoura Council made a recommendation in this regard during its deliberations on the report of the commission.

“The Shoura Council favored the proposal contained in the report in this regard and submitted its recommendation to the higher authorities for the approval. The Haia is currently working with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development regarding the procedures of allocating adequate number of jobs for the female staff,” he said while emphasizing that the commission will hire female staff in the near future at the commission’s headquarters in Riyadh and offices in various regions of the Kingdom, and that will be based on their specializations in various disciplines.

Al-Sanad emphasized that it is not within the powers of the commission to detain and arrest anyone. “But rather, this is within the jurisdiction of the concerned security authorities who are entrusted to deal with such matters. If the commission detects any violation in the field, it will formally alert the concerned authorities that handle detention and arrest,” he said.

The Haia chief highlighted the role of the Haia, saying that it is keen on preserving public order and maintaining the system of values and morals in the society, with a total focus on awareness and guidance aspects with persuading people to do virtuous things and warning them against committing evil.

Al-Sanad said the commission had been working in a specific field earlier but at present its activities cover all fields to promote virtue and prevent vice. He also warned against any deviation from the original concept of promoting virtue and prevention of vice.

“It is strange that the Kharijites of the present era who hail from the deviant parties such as Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and those who followed their path set their bases on the approach that forbidding evil means removing evil.

When they notice vice from a ruler in any Muslim country, they start with peaceful protest and criticism in the media, and if it does not work, then they try to resist by hand, and if it also does not work, they would resort to killing and going out of the righteous path,” he said while pointing to the clashes and confrontations as well as the revolutions that took place a few years ago.

October 19, 2021
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