Renovated Saudi National Hospital’s emergency department opened

October 26, 2021

JEDDAH — Saudi National Hospital, one of the hospitals managed by Abeer Medical Group, inaugurated the newly renovated Emergency Department recently. In his inauguration speech, Dr. Jemshith Ahmed, vice president - strategic planning - Abeer Medical Group, said the Emergency Ward was part of an ambitious overall hospital development program being undertaken to meet the service needs of our community.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Alungal, executive director – Abeer Medical Group, assured the staff of his full support to all hospital projects to keep up the top-tier quality of health care services. Dr. Faheem, deputy hospital director, Dr. Talal Ekram – medical director, and Hassan Al Ghamry - administration manager, attended the ceremony.

Saudi National Hospital, is poised to deliver more advanced and appropriate ER diagnostic services and personnel to provide quality healthcare to those utilizing our services. It offers a wide range of specialty departments under one roof driven by technology, talent, care and compassion.

Powered by a team of expert healthcare professionals and a mix of full-time doctors and distinguished visiting consultants for various specialties; timely availability of expertise is ensured at all times. Saudi National Hospital is accredited by both JCI and CBAHI standards making it a facility that has left no stone unturned to procure best-in-class international technologies.

Nibras Al Saha new

Dental Care Center

On Saturday Oct. 23, Nibras Al Saha under Abeer Medical Group celebrated the opening of a new specialized dental care center in the heart of the city in Jeddah. It’s strategic location will serve a vast majority of care seekers in a busy neighborhood tailored to their needs.

The goal behind opening such a facility as quoted by Dr. Jemshith, is “ A human being has either one organ or a pair of each organ, but human teeth are 32; 16 pairs which means 16 times more care needed and that is why we felt the need to have one dedicated facility for dental care for care seekers of all age groups”.

The center was inaugurated by Mansour Al Mutairi – general manager of general directorate of passports, and Saeed Al Sulamy – board member at Abeer Medical Group in a ceremony where the inauguration ribbon cutting ceremony was held and a small tour around the facility was given to the guests along with the Vice Presidents; Dr. Jemshith, Dr. Afsar, Jabir, Dr. Ahmed Alungal, Abdullah AlJiffry, Danish Ahmed and other Abeer Medical Group’s Directors.

The facility consists of subspecialties like Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Endodontics, Prostodontics, Periodontics and Oral & Maxillofacial surgery with investigative modalities like Panoramic X-Ray. The facility has 8 specialized clinics tailoring to the needs of all care seekers. Abeer Medical Group has been on a mission to provide top-tier Healthcare services to care seekers across the Kingdom. It is truly a name shinning in healthcare that one can trust. — SG

October 26, 2021
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