Saudi Arabia achieves 70% immunization rate with two doses of coronavirus vaccine

November 04, 2021

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — Minister of Health Fahad Al-Jalajel announced on Wednesday that the immunization rate of Saudi Arabia with those who received two doses of vaccine against coronavirus has reached 70 percent.

He urged those who completed six months after receiving second dose of vaccine to take a booster dose and not be negligent in complying with the precautionary measures against the pandemic, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Al-Jalajel appreciated the great care and utmost keenness of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman on preserving the health of citizens and expatriates.

He also noted the continuous efforts and proactive measures taken by the government after making human health its first priority and thus putting the Kingdom in the forefront of the most resilient countries in fighting the pandemic.

“We want our happiness and our immunity to be complete, and this can only be achieved if all people hurry to complete vaccination, as well as to enhance immunity by obtaining a booster dose by those who completed six months after taking their second dose.

“There should not be any negligence on our part in complying with the precautionary measures,” the minister said while cautioning that the negligence in adhering to precautionary measures or delay in achieving immunization with the vaccine, takes us steps backward.

“This may contribute to new waves of the epidemic that we do not want to happen. You have a success story of which you deserve to feel proud of and your cooperation is a token of loyalty to this country,” he said while expressing confidence that all the people would continue to hold fast to their enhanced awareness and cooperation.

November 04, 2021
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