Why does Hassan Nasrallah lie?

January 07, 2022
Why does Hassan Nasrallah lie?

Jameel Altheyabi

Why does the Lebanese-Iranian militia Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah continue telling lie after lie?

Why does he insist on lambasting Saudi Arabia with slanders, fallacies, lies and insolence?

This impostor is nothing more than a mere trumpet for Iran, and his actions have caused disasters for Lebanon, with the consequences have befallen its people. After all, his ambition is to convince his masters that his presence is indispensable to realize the ambitions of the Iranian hegemony.

Nasrallah made derogatory remarks against Saudi Arabia in a cheap way featuring fanaticism and rudeness that were littered with lies. He has never been new to lies and betrayal. His job gives the impression that he was hired for treachery, dependence and slavery, and thus he wrote for himself that until his death he would continue remaining a humiliated dwarf of Iran and a despicable prisoner of the mullahs’ agenda and their criminal behavior.

The Saudi ambassador to Lebanon was among those who responded to his nonsense as he tweeted: “The slanders of the modern day Abu Raghaal and his lies are not be covered either by the night, even if it is so long, or by the absence of the sun without any sunrise and sunset!”

Nasrallah embodies the personality of the most treacherous figure in the history of the Arabs -the character of Abu Raghaal, who desecrated the House of God and instructed the army of Abraha Al-Ashram to demolish the Holy Kaaba. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati tried to respond to the stubbornness of the Iranian boy. Mikati is of the view that these insults to Saudi Arabia did represent neither the position of the Lebanese government nor that of the broader segments of the Lebanese people, despite the fact that Mikati heads a government formed by Nasrallah himself.

Moreover, the distinguished segments of the Lebanese people were quick to denounce Nasrallah’s desperate attempts to dissociate Lebanon from its Arab affiliation. He knows the depth of the interests of the Lebanese people in their relationship with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states where there is no scope for blackmail for Lebanon, as is his case with Iran. Saudi Arabia did not engage with any Lebanese bloc to play any role for it similar to what the Iranian militias are doing there. On the other hand, it maintains the same distance from everyone.

One of the ironies of the time is that Nasrallah accuses Saudi Arabia of terrorism. In fact, he is the foster son of Iran, which is the number one terrorist state in the world - whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of those killed in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. And all of this is within the scope of his work with Tehran, which deals with him on the basis of the theory of “Starve your dog and it will follow you.” Therefore, the Lebanese rejected all these lies and harms perpetrated by the evil man of the present age.

They know very well who is carrying out assassinations and bombings that target innocents; who is disrupting government meetings; who is objecting to the investigation into the Beirut port bombing crime, and who refuses to distance Lebanon from the issues of other Arab countries. Although this “rooster” is trying to play the role of the rooster, he was unable either to stop the depreciation of the value of Lebanese pound or solve the energy problem. In fact, he reached the extreme level in expanding drug cultivation and smuggling into the Gulf countries, and even to Latin America, Africa and Australia, as he has a criminal record in every part of the world.

It is obvious that Nasrallah has learned and mastered the cowardice of his Iranian masters. He only speaks through his terrorist organization’s television channel screen, and moves only at night like a bat. But he is well aware of how he will die, and how he will be cowardice at the moment of meeting his fate, after he began to feel under pressure due to the absence of shelter and deceptive popular support. At the same time, his supporters and financiers face a catastrophic failure in the Vienna negotiations that are on the verge of collapse.

There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia does not need to respond to Nasrallah’s nonsenses and heresies because his masters and himself are in great pain after he became an outcast who was deserted by the deceived public. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, talks about its humanitarian initiatives and its significant regional and international activities, with its good relations with those who have infinite reciprocal respect and that is in accordance with the international conventions.

The Lebanese people are well aware of the crimes of the “Abu Raghaal of the Age” and know his characteristics associated with terrorism and treachery, and from where he produces terrorism and drugs, and from where he plans in the southern suburbs to blow up his country and threaten its components. They also know well that Saudi Arabia is one of the worst-hit countries by terrorism, which has made many of its citizens and expatriates victims of such treacherous attacks.

What is certain is that the lies of “Abu Raghaal of the Age” reflect the state of despair that Nasrallah and his masters have reached, and the state of absurdity and recklessness of the foreign policies adopted by Hezbollah, that have caused disastrous consequences for Lebanon, apart from harming the interests of its sons in the Arab and Gulf countries.

History will record this “stinky man of Iran” in its annals as a terrorist, a traitor to his country, a servant of Iran, and a militia leader with a harsh tongue. He will be thrown into the dustbin of history and Lebanon will curse him well before other countries.

January 07, 2022
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