At McDonald’s, your favourite beef burgers are now hotter, tastier, and juicier

January 14, 2022

JEDDAH — McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is upgrading their customers’ favorite burgers by introducing “hotter, tastier and juicier” Big Macs, Double Cheeseburgers, and Quarter Pounders.

After listening to its customers’ feedback and comments, McDonald’s Saudi Arabia took a good look at how they were preparing their iconic burgers and figured out how to make them even better and tastier. Through a variety of small tweaks and twists, McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is now offering an enhanced and more delicious experience to its consumers, making sure to consistently provide the best burgers.

Beef burger lovers can expect hotter and perfectly melted cheese, caressed by the heat from the tender beef patty and the toasted bun.

Optimized cooking procedures have allowed for the familiar 100% pure halal beef patty to become hotter and juicier. The onion slices, now directly applied to the beef patty on the grill, add a delicious layer of flavor to each bite. The new golden-brown pillow buns are freshly toasted and exceptionally soft. More of that famous Big Mac sauce is added to the iconic Big Mac, to accompany every bite so that you can indulge in the flavor even more.

Mohamed Alireza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services Co. Ltd.—McDonald’s Saudi Arabia in the Western & Southern region, said: “We are always committed to ensure that our customers have their burgers the way they love it, which is why we have enhanced them, adding upon the different elements that we know our customers appreciate in their experience. That’s the heart of what we have done. Little things that make the taste even greater. The result is simple. Hotter, Juicier, Tastier burgers.”

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January 14, 2022
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