Jeddah redevelopment: Slum dwellers are cooperating with demolition work, city officials say

February 02, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

Dwellers of slums and undeveloped neighborhoods in Jeddah city have extended their cooperation in implementing the ongoing razing and redeveloping operation, according to Jeddah Mayoralty sources.

Attending the program titled “Saudi Street” on the Saudi Television channel, Muhammad Al-Baqami, spokesman for the mayoralty, said on Tuesday that the slum dwellers were notified well before the razing process started giving them sufficient time to evacuate the place.

He noted that one of the committees is responsible for receiving and processing observations and concerns of the slum dwellers.

Al-Baqami said that the great challenge in Jeddah was to bring about a comprehensive development encompassing the slum areas.

The main goal behind this project is to serve the human being and protect him from negative phenomena. He also stressed that the cooperation of residents and owners contributed to accomplishing this task in an accelerated manner.

Jeddah is currently undergoing a major facelift with the removal of slums and undeveloped neighborhoods.

According to Saleh Al-Turki, mayor of Jeddah, there are more than 60 undeveloped neighborhoods in the city. Some of these neighborhoods, including Gulail, have already been dismantled while electricity and other utility services were disconnected last week to some other neighborhoods including Kandara and Hindawiya prior to the demolition of the buildings in those areas.

The Committee for the Undeveloped Neighborhoods in Jeddah announced on Monday a package of services from the state to citizens whose homes are being dismantled. The foremost among these services is the provision of free housing for those who have been affected by the demolition.

More than 68,000 services have already been provided to the residents in the neighborhoods and this included transportation of furniture to their new location and provision of food baskets and free meals.

February 02, 2022
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