Women’s costumes in first Saudi state diverse to each region

February 22, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The ancient costumes of Saudi women who lived in the first Saudi State were simple, yet unique. Women’s dresses at the time of the founding of the state were mainly made of natural materials and fabrics. These costumes varied in accordance with different regions and special occasions.

Women’s clothing in the first Saudi State differed according to regions. These included clothes for daily use and others for special occasions. In this context, the official website of Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day stated: “Women’s fashion varied at the time of the establishment of the first Saudi State and its types were diverse as each region had its own costumes.”

Women’s clothes in the northern Saudi Arabia at that time were called the Maqrona, which is a black kerchief that is folded with its middle to form a triangle. Woman wraps this clothing on her head.

In southern Saudi Arabia, women used to wear the dress called the Sheyla. It is a piece of black cloth decorated on its edges with threads of different colors, or with types of beads, and is fastened with a yellow or red band.

Reviewing women’s clothing in various regions during the first Saudi State, the website noted that women in central Saudi Arabia used to wear a dress called the ‘Mukhannaq,’ which was a transparent silk fabric made of chiffon or tulle, completely sewn except for the opening to encircle the face. Young girls wore this dress when they ventured out of their homes.

The dress that was worn by women in eastern Saudi Arabia was known as the Batoola, which covered the entire face except for the opening of the eyes. Elderly women favored this dress. It was made of thick fabric and dyed with indigo with lines inside.

The website pointed out that women in western Saudi Arabia used to wear the Misdah, which is a loose dress that does not show the features of the body, and it consists of five pieces of different sizes, which are fixed to each other so as to take the shape of a uniform. This dress was made of plain or patterned fabrics.

The ancient costumes during the first Saudi State were designed in a way that it well suited various seasons and special occasions, such as the abaya called Daffat Al-Maahoud, which was decorated with black silk threads, well fitted to the body of the bride, the website noted.

February 22, 2022
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