Traffic Department, Najm launch remote review system for minor accidents

April 11, 2022

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — The General Department of Traffic, in cooperation with Najm for Insurance Services Company, has launched on Monday the first phase of a remote review service for minor traffic accidents. The service is based on inform, take a picture, and leave the scene.

The Traffic Department said that there are certain conditions to avail the service. These include one of the parties involved in the accident requires insurance; there are neither injuries nor deaths; and that the location of the accident is within the jurisdiction of Najm,.

The information of the accident should be sent through the Najm application so as to avoid traffic congestion following the accident.

The initiative will benefit all citizens, expatriates and visitors to the Kingdom, especially the youth and motorcyclists. They will be communicated in an effective and sustainable manner through social media platforms for all the supervisory authorities concerned with implementing this initiative, in order to ensure the quality of service and achieve traffic safety for all.

Through this initiative, the Najm application will turn into a basic channel for notifications and the completion of self-services, according to the Traffic Department.

This initiative is in line with the requirements of customers from any location and at any time. This also contributes to facilitating post-accident services, and reducing traffic congestion in the event of a traffic accident.

The new service also aims to raise the level of responding to individuals affected by accidents within an integrated digital system that keeps pace with the latest technologies and artificial intelligence services, while ensuring the highest levels of cybersecurity.

The Traffic Department spokesman said that this type of initiative adds more development to the insurance system in the Kingdom, and actively contributes to the consolidation of traffic safety, which is a pivotal goal for all partners and stakeholders.

The remote inspection initiative will be a cornerstone in building an infrastructure based on digital transformation, beneficiary satisfaction, safety and access to a vibrant society and safe roads, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

For his part, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sulaiman, CEO of Najm Company, said that the launch of the first phase of the remote review initiative comes in line with Najm’s strategy to develop services for the vehicle insurance sector in the Kingdom, and improve the customer’s experience, and that is in parallel with what Najm is doing in terms of deepening the insurance experience and insurance awareness, as well as harnessing comprehensive digital transformation as a strategic tool to achieve these goals.

Al-Sulaiman said that the Traffic Department is a strategic partner for Najm, and it constitutes a very important link in the success of all initiatives launched to develop the insurance sector. He also referred to the Asas strategy, which is the mainstay of Najm’s initiatives, through two main axes.

Firstly, reform and build the bases of professional performance, develop the company’s institutional structure at all levels, and achieve a comprehensive digital transformation of the insurance work system, while the second axis is to improve the customer’s experience by providing a range of innovative and automated products and solutions.

Najm Company has created an efficient platform to simplify, address, and resolve accident related procedures and formalities.

Najm also offers a complete range of solutions and services for citizens, residents, and visitors in the Kingdom, and serves 40 Saudi cities through a skilled workforce specialized in reviewing accidents and addressing consequent losses, damages, compensations, claims, and other insurance-related services.

April 11, 2022
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