For the first time in Hajj, pilgrims using an e-scooter to facilitate their movement

July 09, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

MAKKAH — In a first of its kind initiative, the Transport General Authority (TGA) has provided an e-scooter for pilgrims to facilitate their movements during performing Hajj rituals.

The authority has started providing electric scooters to pilgrims of the Hajj season 1443 AH as a trial service that aims to improve their experience of performing rituals and to facilitate their movement between the Holy Sites.

The e-scooter guarantees reducing the transport time for pilgrims while they are moving from Arafat to Muzdalifah. This service contributes to shortening the time to 15 minutes instead of an hour while walking between the two Holy Sites.

It is worth mentioning that it has been allocated a specific path. Those who will use the e-scooters need to follow this designated path to facilitate the ways of usage in addition to maintain the pilgrims' safety during their movement.

The service was well received by pilgrims after they tried it. The authority provided a specialized team to teach pilgrims about the correct ways to use it and benefit from it.

The authority said that after the trial launch of the e-scooter service during this year's Hajj season, it would work to develop and improve it, to be provided during the coming Hajj seasons.

The authority has launched the e-scooter service to provide different and varied transportation options.

This is in addition to its adoption of modern technologies and smart transportation to measure their suitability to contribute in providing a unique transportation experience for pilgrims while performing the Hajj rituals and ensuring their transportation in comfort and reassurance.

July 09, 2022
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