Warning against fraudsters deceiving public in the name of GOSI, Hassana Company

August 06, 2022

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) has warned the public against falling prey to the fraud practices, represented by false claims, that are linked to the organization or to Hassana Investment Company (HIC), which is the investment arm of GOSI.

GOSI said that there are currently many fraud practices through fake websites and accounts claiming to provide investment services to clients with falsely claiming their connection to GOSI and Hassana. “Neither GOSI nor Hassana provides any investment services to individuals,” GOSI stressed, adding that neither of them nor their officials issued invitations to people and asking them to invest or contribute to projects and investment opportunities in any way and form.

GOSI has called on its clients to take caution without revealing their personal information and bank data, in addition to be vigilant about phone calls, social media messages or links to suspicious websites that claim fake investment opportunities.

Fraudsters take various methods to gain the trust of customers, as they use the organization’s logo and identity in violating forms, the organization said, while stressing that its employees do not request personal data from their customers, which includes bank card numbers, passwords and verification codes.

GOSI confirmed that its official website is: www.GOSI.GOV.SA and its official account on Twitter: @SAUDIGOSI

It also urged the public to inform the competent authorities immediately in case they were targeted with fake investment calls.

August 06, 2022
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