The danger of American political absurdity

September 02, 2022
The danger of American political absurdity

Mashari Althaydy

ONE who looks at the absurdity of the current US administration’s political performance would of course be startled and heartbroken.

Shall we any longer rely on the so-called prudence and goodness of Biden’s men in their dealings with the state of Iran, which is governed by the Khomeinist ideology?

Are the men of this administration really aware and — most importantly — concerned about the safety of the world, not just the Middle East region, due to the horrors pertaining to security and political realms that the men of Khomeinist regime would commit, following Washington’s release of billions of dollars to Tehran’s treasury?

Things are measured by their likenesses, and we have the “catastrophe” of the catastrophic US withdrawal from Afghanistan. It is a good — and indeed an evil — example.

In an interview with the Cats Roundtable radio program last Sunday, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US is more likely to be attacked 9/11 style way since the fall of Afghanistan. Speaking about the Taliban’s return to power, Pompeo said: “To have had that debacle embarrass our country on the world stage; (it) made us less safe.”

He further warned: “We are more likely to be attacked like New York City was 20 some years ago; we’re more likely to be attacked from Afghanistan today than we were just one year ago...”

What an irony of history and what a stupid ideological stubbornness of the American Obamian liberalism... Rather, what a trifle.

Someone might say that Pompeo, the Republican hawk and Donald Trump’s secretary of state, is saying this as an issue of political squabbling with Biden and the rest of the Obamians. But any objective thinker will put his hand on the catastrophe on the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and handing over the country and people to the Taliban gangs, the incubator of the Al-Qaeda outfit earlier and later, and those who hosted the Egyptian-born terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri, who was the No. 2 leader of Al-Qaeda.

Another senior official, who is not from the Trump camp, said something that echoes Pompeo’s remarks. He is none other than Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, who oversaw the American troop withdrawal as the head of the US Central Command. Gen. McKenzie, who retired in April this year, confirmed that he opposed the US pullout from Kabul, and advised Biden not to withdraw all US forces from there. He further lamented that the US lost its way in Afghanistan.

McKenzie also revealed that he had made it clear to the White House that a complete withdrawal would surely lead to a swift Taliban takeover.

What we learned from the words of the great American military commander in August 2021 about the humiliating American withdrawal from Afghanistan unveils the terrifying picture that exposes the depth and extent of the danger of the reckless practices of the current Washington politicians to global security. Most of these leaders, not all of them, are dominated by the liberal ideological obsession featuring the Obamian characteristics, instead of opting for the national realistic political criteria that consider the interests of the American state and its people as the top priority.

So, there are, in front of us, around three dangerous years — the rest of the life of this administration in Washington — during which we expect the worst for our security and the security of the world as a whole.

Yes, we will overcome it and safeguard our existence and our dignity, but, for the time being, this is the case.

September 02, 2022
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