Why does the West embrace Iran?

September 05, 2022
Fahad Ibrahim Al-Deghaither
Fahad Ibrahim Al-Deghaither
By Fahad Ibrahim Al-Deghaither

One of the most bizarre breaking news headlines being followed were the negotiations between the Western countries and Iran over the restoration of the nuclear agreement. There prevails strange patience, flexibility and fluidity in dealing with a demonic regime that only recognizes murder and physical liquidation.

A tyrannical regime, which has caused millions of sane Iranians to flee their country and migrate to all parts of the world, stands firm with live ammunition against any peaceful demonstrations or demands made by the Iranian people.

The brutality of this regime was not, of course, confined to the Iranian domestic front alone, but it also employs traitors in several Arab countries to carry out its missions against the people and residents of these countries, scuttling any hope for their stability, growth and prosperity.

Iran has been instrumental in the displacement of thousands of Syrians and continues to support Hezbollah, which pushed the state of Lebanon into the abyss and destroyed its seafront a year ago. The devastating explosion killed hundreds of innocent civilians in Beirut, smashing with it the city’s standing as a regional and global trade, cultural and tourist center that competed even with its counterparts in Europe.

And the case of Yemen too was no different after the Houthi militias responded to the dictates of the slain Qassem Soleimani and put Yemen into labyrinths with which Yemen has nothing to do with. Iraq is also under the same hegemony, but it has begun to wake up and announce its rejection. Perhaps the Iraqi people, with all their sects, would contribute to cleaning their soil of this filth.

Despite all this horrific record of crimes being perpetrated by the Tehran regime, we see the patience of the Western countries towards this rogue state growing astonishingly. We saw Sweden publicly trying Muhammad Nouri, a regime official, who was convicted by a Swedish court after being arrested there on charges of committing horrific executions of hundreds of innocent Iranians.

There were also public threats to kill ministers and former officials of the US administration from within the Iranian regime. This is in addition to the Iranian militias’ launching of direct missile attacks on US interests within Syria and Iraq as well as on the high seas.

In spite of all these, the West continues its negotiations with Iran. More billions of dollars may be handed over to Iran if the parties agree for a settlement and this money will not inevitably go to Iran. The West could sign new pacts with the mullahs without any reference to the regime’s violations of the so-called principles of human rights, which have become a phrase that has lost its meaning and essence.

And this is without incorporating any conditions in the agreements about this regime’s support for Iranian militias abroad. In other words, the West will agree with Tehran to continue its interventions to destroy Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. The West does not have any problem with such hostile acts. The important thing is that Tehran allows the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency to visit its declared nuclear sites only, and then Iran becomes a civilized country like any other country in the world.

The writer of this column, who is very far from the ‘conspiracy’ thought, has become confused by the ongoing scene. The West must have undeclared interests that push it into this state of begging and accepting humiliation from these criminals.

There are those who believe that the confrontation between Sunnis and Shiites in the region, or even its shadows, and the possibilities of its occurrence are in the interests of the United States of America and Europe.

Without Iran, there are no such scenarios. There are those who believe that Iran and its destructive projects impede the development of Iraq and Syria and keep them in a state of fragmentation and weakness.

There are those who are happy with the presence of an Iranian militia on the southern borders of Saudi Arabia, perhaps providing some ‘services’ to impede the Kingdom’s renaissance as well as the ambition of its people and leadership.

And last but not the least, there are those innocent, naive people who wish that Iran would contribute to lowering prices of oil following the lifting of the West’s boycott.

It remains to be pointed out — in an effort to facilitate answering some of these questions — that this hateful embrace of Iran is directly related to the presence of the Democrats in power in Washington. This is the same party that destroyed Libya and sided with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Tunisia.

During former President Trump’s period, the White House did not hesitate to liquidate Qassem Soleimani, after the killing of an American contractor at an American base in Kirkuk, and then laying siege to the American embassy in Baghdad.

Today, while writing this article, Iran is carrying out attacks on American ships in the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea with a complete sense of reassurance of evoking no reaction.

September 05, 2022
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