The death of Queen Elizabeth ll

September 19, 2022
The death of Queen Elizabeth ll

Majed Garoub

The English people believe that England is Queen Elizabeth ll, as she has ruled for 70 years. While, in several countries around the world kings and presidents have changed in recent decades, Queen Elizabeth ll had remained in power as the longest reigning monarch on the planet.

Queen Elizabeth ll was a role model and ideal for her fidelity and love for the country, and she was always devoted to serving the country with passion and enthusiasm at all stages.

Since assuming the throne, succeeding her father King George VI in 1952, when she was 25 years old, Queen Elizabeth represented a symbol of stability through various crises and stages in the history of the United Kingdom. No one can deny that Queen Elizabeth preserved the prestige of the throne even in the hardest time.

She lived with great men in world politics, similar to Jawaharlal Nehru, Charles de Gaulle, and Nelson Mandela. She witnessed the construction of the Berlin Wall and its fall and met 12 American presidents.

Because of the Queen's death, the world learned a replacement lesson concerning the Royal Protocols for the burial. For the reason of new technology and social media, the whole world was privy to the protocols of the royal burial as well as the culture and tradition of the most-revered conglomerate that’s extended for thousands of years.

Additionally, witnessing the royal coffin was emotional for people who had arrived for the lying in state and the funeral. They came from completely different countries, and together with the people from the European Union, Ireland, and London, paid deep respect to what seems to be the holiness of the Queen's burial and valediction protocols. Individuals, additionally, witnessed the pleasant royal protocols of celebrating the new King Charles.

The protocols reflect the ancient tradition of England, which is constantly perceived with respect and appreciation throughout the world, as well as respect for the royal families in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The participation of royal families in other countries has different systems based on their constitutions, traditions, and customs.

It was customary in England for the prime minister to visit the Queen weekly in order to admit unpublicized fancies and directions from the King or Queen without being publicized or recorded by the press.

The established station provides citizens, the government, and the prime minister to the Queen with strength and respect. For example, each prime minister's first announcement is clearly to declare that the Queen directed him/her to form the government, while his final announcement is to resign or apologize to the Queen for failing to complete his tasks.

This demonstrates the significance of esteem of the people, societies, and traditions in all countries around the world, indicating that respect is essential and should not be undervalued or labeled negatively. We must each admire the societies, traditions, and persuasions of all countries from the east to the west.

The Queen's death provided lessons in strengthening respect for diversity and generational heritage in the ruling. Because of Princess Diana's woeful fate, the princess’s hope of becoming the Queen Consort was cut short. As a result, Charles lll's marriage to Camilla elevated her to the position of Queen Consort.

In the Holy Qur’an, it is said, "God is the possessor of the Kingdom; he gives the Kingdom to whom he wills, and he takes the Kingdom from whom he wills."

"People, we created you from a male and a female, and we made you races and tribes, so that you may come to know one another," it is said in the Holy Qur’an.

Communication with the international community is one of the most well known Islamic principles, as the Qur’an confirms the importance of respecting differences and diversity. God created people of various races and cultures for them to get to know one another and work together in good faith.

September 19, 2022
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