Ministry of Education honors teachers, celebrates World Teachers' Day with many activities

October 05, 2022

RIYADH — On Oct. 5, the World Teachers' Day, the Ministry of Education held a special ceremony to honor teachers at its headquarters in Riyadh under the patronage of the Minister of Education, Yousef Bin Abdullah Al-Benyan, with the theme: "Transformation of education begins with the teachers."

This is to acknowledge their well-established and influential role in the educational process and the enhancement of its outcomes, as well as to affirm their contribution to developing and upgrading the skills of generations of the nations' sons and daughters.

The Minister of Education emphasized how much the country values its teachers, their devoted work, the standing of their profession, and the message they consistently and authentically uphold.

Their efforts influence the growth of future generations and make a difference in the progress and renaissance of society.

He indicated that teachers and the Ministry are partners in the journey of work, effort, and development to achieve the aspirations of wise leadership in education, which are in line with the objectives of the Human Capability Development Program, the Kingdom's Vision 2030, and the requirements of development.

He said, "Today the world celebrates Teachers' Day, and we celebrate with them, which is the simplest thing that can be done, and the least that they deserve. Your standing is the source of our attention and the address of every home and family.

“The teaching profession is at the summit of the pyramid of humanitarian professions, and teachers will remain a major focus in education and the measure of its quality; you are the inspiration for our students, and you are the ones who pave the way for them towards future prospects, and we are all one hand to achieve our ambitions. The transformation of education begins with teachers."

The minister extended his greetings and appreciation to all teachers in all regions and governorates of the Kingdom. He emphasized that the nation appreciates and honors their noble message.

The nation also values their outstanding efforts to spread science and knowledge, develop skills and capabilities, enhance national values, and actively contribute to the advancement of society, building generations and building the nation under the guidance of our wise leadership.

He wished them a successful academic year full of achievements and full of ambitions for the development of education and the development of the nation.

During the Ministry of Education's celebration of Teacher's Day, both male and female teachers who represented education departments and offices in the regions and governorates were honored.

The operetta "Teacher of the Vision" and an art piece titled "Feelings," which was performed by a group of teachers and pupils of both sexes, were featured. These performances highlighted the importance of teachers in forming and building generations. — SPA

October 05, 2022
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