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Tabuk's Jabal Al-Lawz covered in white for 3rd time this season

January 09, 2023

Saudi Gazette report

TABUK — Tabuk's Jabal Al-Lawz has been covered in white for the third time this season as the region witnessed a fall in temperatures, which resulted in snowfall.

It is noteworthy that the snow has started to fall in the mountains of Al-Lawz and was experienced by Tabuk region residents on Dec. 27, 2022.

Areas covered with snow became a tourist attraction for Tabuk residents and visitors who arrived from various regions to enjoy the snow and the beauty of that area that witnessed snow.

Temperatures have started witnessing a significant decrease in a number of Saudi regions from the first week of 2023, as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said earlier in a report that temperatures are expected to fall.

The NCM had said that there would be a decrease between five and zero degrees Celsius in the regions of Tabuk, Al-Jouf, Hail and the Northern Borders region.

The report also indicated that temperatures will reach between five and nine degrees Celsius in the regions of Riyadh, Al-Qassim and the northern part of the Eastern Province.

January 09, 2023
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