Nasrallah concealed in treachery!

January 27, 2023
Nasrallah concealed in treachery!

Jameel Altheyabi

The ‘traitor’ Hassan Nasrallah believes that his absurd statements and vulgar buffoonery will be instrumental in increasing the pressure on Saudis whenever they listen to him. The last of these was his rambling talk about the signing of Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo by the Saudi club Al-Nassr.

The bully Nasrallah believes that it is his right and that of his criminal gang to mount pressure so as to channel Saudi money to save Lebanon! He is unaware of the fact that whoever destroyed Lebanon is none other than he and his terrorist gangs from the ‘Satanic’ party submissive to Iran, which arms and finances it to dominate the Lebanese sovereign will, and spread its criminal wings in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, to launch aggression against the peoples of these countries, as well as against Saudi Arabia on behalf of Iran.

Hassan Nasrallah and his ‘Satanic’ party know that Iran is using him as a cheap tool to fight its battles on its behalf because Tehran knows very well that it is too cowardly to go down to an open confrontation.

The traitor Nasrallah, who calls on Saudi Arabia to sacrifice for the sake of Lebanon, would not only be the “obstructive force” for the Lebanese government but also be a thorn in the side of the Arab countries. Frankly, it is not the thinking of a political leader, but rather the thinking of a naive follower, whose mission throughout his life is to implement Tehran’s decisions to smear it with his crimes and to threaten from behind the screen in his secret hideout.

The traitor Nasrallah is punching the air, claiming courage but he can cross neither any street in Beirut nor in the southern suburbs, out of his excessive fear that he will be targeted by his many enemies, who are, in reality, the entire Lebanese people.

Even on a single day, the traitor Nasrallah will never reach the stage of thinking with the mentality that Saudi Arabia looks to the future of its people, its relations with its brothers, friends and allies, and with the broad Islamic world that always aspires to have its leadership with pride. This is based on the Kingdom’s permanent participation and contributions in addressing the concerns of the Islamic peoples and meeting their needs, without any favor or harm.

This traitor Nasrallah does not know the big difference between sports in Saudi Arabia and the Lebanese clubs that he controls through intimidation, terrorizing, and extortion just as he blackmails the government and confiscates the freedom of the Lebanese people. He does not know that sport and the acquisition of international star players is a path to soft influence and support for the plans that countries draw to achieve their goals and international reputation.

In order to achieve this, the state must have stability and security that its people, stadiums and club leaders enjoy.

Can Hassan Nasrallah provide safety and security for the Lebanese people while he is the one who steals their security and stability every second, and in every village of Lebanon?

Nasrallah, the agent and traitor, does not know or perhaps he deliberately ignores that he is like Don Quixote fighting with a wooden sword, and waging absurd battles in which he will not win, no matter what Iranian support flows to him.

He denounces Saudi Arabia’s spending on sports but at the same time, he does not denounce the important question about the fate of Iranian money, which he did not spend on quelling the hunger of the Lebanese people as well as for improving their health services, and breathing life into their lira, which was exhausted by his political, economic and security crimes.

It is true that Hassan Nasrallah described himself as an “unhappy and disappointed” man. This is the case of someone who has not spent on himself throughout his life. And when Iran’s money comes to him, he spends it on destruction and killing. This is because preparing killers, snipers, and bomb makers is more important to him than the Lebanese eating a burger, or visiting a doctor in search of a cure for their illness.

How can an agent and traitor like Nasrallah want Saudi Arabia to measure matters by his yardstick, and to take decisions based on his advice, which is described as “terrorism”? The “Satanic Hezb” deals in drugs, not only to get rich but also to destroy the youth of the Arab countries and the countries it is trying to drown with its poisonous drugs.

It is certain that the Lebanese will only remember that the traitor Nasrallah was willing to remove his Arab identity in order to wear the mantle of the Persians and brag about it. Today he is falsely trying to beg for Arabism.

The Lebanese and their future generations will only remember that Hassan Nasrallah is a traitor to his country, who sold Lebanon to Iran. The color of blood, the smell of death, and the misery of disease continued until the streets of Beirut are now crowded with ‘garbage’ and the faces of terrorists. The time has come for the Lebanese people to make all the sacrifices in order to send Nasrallah and his party to the “dustbin of history” in order to cure Lebanon of the diseases and venom of Iran!

January 27, 2023
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