Starting 70 years ago… Saudi Arabia shares its humanitarian and development role

February 21, 2023

RIYADH — Based on the Kingdom's commitment to its humanitarian and developmental role, Saudi Arabia shared with the international community its humanitarian and developmental role and its commitment to assisting the global community.

The Kingdom’s commitment is by providing support to afflicted countries and affected peoples to meet challenges and urgent needs in light of the crises, conflicts and disasters witnessed by many countries around the world, which have exacerbated humanitarian conditions and multiplied their challenges.

The 3rd Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum (RIHF3) represented a platform for the Kingdom to highlight its charitable role, which has been evident since its founding, the Kingdom has been providing humanitarian, developmental, and charitable assistance, including grants and soft loans, to all countries around the world without discrimination.

The Kingdom has always been one of the ten leading countries globally in providing aid, in kind or cash, in the form of grants and soft loans to encourage development, bringing the volume of aid supplied by the Kingdom over the past 70 years to $95 billion, benefiting 160 countries.

The Kingdom has always been keen to provide humanitarian and development assistance, despite the global geopolitical and economic crises and challenges, which put Saudi Arabia in the lead among countries donating development and humanitarian aid.

In the forum's dialogue sessions, the Kingdom representatives discussed its commitment to the international community, global organizations, and civil society organizations and its endeavor to help affected countries and achieve peace in conflict areas.

This is in addition to enhancing the conditions of the affected groups, given that one billion people live in different conflict areas. Kingdom also discussed the impact of climate change and lack of funding sources for humanitarian action, and ways to implement emergency intervention plans before crises occur to achieve urgent response to humanitarian needs.

During the forum, the Kingdom also reviewed the development achievements presented to developing countries that emerged more than 48 years ago, as the Kingdom contributed to financing more than 697 development projects and programs in various development sectors in 84 developing countries around the world through the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD).

This is in addition to the pioneering development projects and initiatives in Yemen, and shared videos detailing development projects and initiatives that have had a positive impact on the lives of Yemeni citizens, and contributed to strengthening the Yemeni economy, and providing job opportunities, directly and indirectly.

The 3rd Riyadh International Humanitarian Forum (RIHF3) seeks to activate the associative approach between humanitarian work, and the development of peace to ensure the achievement of sustainability and comprehensive development.

It also seeks the optimal use of technology to serve humanitarian work, and present the most prominent opportunities and challenges in humanitarian work with the aim of developing innovative, sustainable and effective solutions for humanitarian response.

The Kingdom accelerates the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the humanitarian context, anticipating and developing humanitarian work through scientific research and data quality governance.

The process includes studies based on evidence-based practices, encouraging and engaging youth in volunteer work and contributing to humanitarian work, promoting dialogue and communication channels between leaders, donors, workers and researchers, and exchanging experiences, ideas and best practices for the development of humanitarian work. — SPA

February 21, 2023
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