UN, EU, Arab and Gulf nations welcome Kingdom, Iran deal to resume diplomatic ties

March 11, 2023

NEW YORK — United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomed the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations between them.

United Nations spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric expressed the gratitude of the United Nations Secretary-General to China for hosting the recent talks, and the United Nations Secretary-General welcomed the efforts of other countries in this regard, especially the Sultanate of Oman and Iraq.

The UN spokesperson also stated that good neighborly relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are necessary for the stability of the Gulf region.

In Brussels, the European Union (EU) welcomed the agreement concluded by Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations.

Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Peter Stano said in a statement in Brussels that the EU commends the diplomatic efforts that led to the resumption of diplomatic exchange between the two countries, which will contribute to stability in the region.

He added that promoting peace and stability, and achieving de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East is among the key priorities of the EU. Stano confirmed the EU readiness to engage with all actors in the Middle East in a gradual and inclusive approach and in full transparency.

In Cairo, the Arab Parliament welcomed the joint tripartite statement issued by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China to resume Saudi-Iranian diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies within a maximum period of two months, as well as affirming respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.

In a statement, the Arab Parliament stressed the importance of this step to restore stability in the Arab region and strive to resolve outstanding crises, expressing hope that it would also contribute to easing existing tensions and achieving safety for the peoples of the whole world.

Egypt too expressed appreciation for the important step taken by Saudi Arabia and Iran, which resumed diplomatic relations, commending the position taken by the Kingdom in this regard, which will remove tension in regional relations.

Cairo als0 affirmed the Kingdom’s adherence to the UN principles of respect for states’ sovereignty, non-interference in their internal affairs, and enhancement of regional security and stability.

Spokesman of the Egyptian Presidency Ahmed Fahmy said in a statement Saturday that his country looks forward to this development having a positive impact on Iran’s regional and international policies.

He added, it also constitutes an opportunity for Iran to adopt a policy that takes into consideration the legitimate concerns of the countries of the region in a way that enhances opportunities for cooperation and consolidation of positive relations, and charts a path for relations that meet the aspirations of the peoples of the region to reach prosperity and progress.

In Paris, France welcomed the agreement of Saudi Arabia and the Iran to resume diplomatic relations between them.

The French Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna supports dialogue and any initiative that can make a tangible contribution to calming tensions and strengthening regional security and stability.

In Manama, Bahrain welcomed the joint statement issued by Saudi Arabia and Iran, mediated by China, to resume diplomatic relations between the two countries.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed Bahrain’s appreciation for the initiative China to host the Saudi-Iranian talks, hailing earlier Iraqi and Omani diplomatic efforts in this regard.

The Ministry also expressed hope that this agreement would constitute a positive step on the road to resolving differences and ending all regional conflicts through dialogue and diplomatic means, and establishing relations on the basis of mutual understanding, respect, good neighborliness, non-interference in the affairs of other countries, and adherence to the charters of the United Nations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and international laws and norms.

It praised the leading role of Saudi Arabia in supporting security, peace, and stability, as well as in pursuing diplomacy in settling regional and international disputes.

In Kuwait City, Kuwait welcomed on Friday the Saudi-Iranian agreement to resume diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs commended the initiative of the friendly President of China Xi Jinping to host the Saudi-Iranian bilateral talks to reach this constructive agreement.

It commended the efforts made by Iraq and Sultanate of Oman in hosting previous serval rounds of dialogue that took place between both sides in 2021 and 2022.

It also affirmed Kuwait’s support for this agreement, hoping that it would contribute to strengthening the pillars of security and stability in the region, and build trust and develop friendly relations between both countries in a way that serves the interest of the countries of the region and the whole world.

In Tunis, Tunisia welcomed the agreement reached by Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations, commending the role China played in forging this agreement.

In a statement issued by Its Foreign Ministry Saturday, Tunisia expressed hope that the agreement between the two neighboring countries will contribute to strengthening security and stability in the region, remove all causes of tension, and establish a new phase of cooperation between them.

In Ankara, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye welcomed the agreement of Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations.

In a statement, it congratulated the two countries on the agreement, which it said contributes significantly to laying the foundations for security in the region.

In Baghdad, a spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Al-Sahhaf confirmed that the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations between them will create a new atmosphere in promoting the interests of the region.

In a statement, the Ministry spokesperson said that the Saudi-Iranian agreement comes as a culmination of the two sides’ vision of the priority of dialogue as a way to reduce tension, indicating that the agreement inaugurates a new phase of collective opportunities.

He explained that Iraq’s hosting of the dialogue rounds between the Kingdom and Iran comes with the aim of the region’s need to achieve the desired integration at all levels, stressing the need to create a safe region and an environment that enhances development opportunities according to a collective will that transcends differences.

In Ramallah, the Palestinian Presidency welcomed the agreement of Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic relations.

It expressed its appreciation for the positive Chinese role that contributed to reaching this agreement, expressing its hope that this agreement will lead to stability and enhance the positive climate in the region.

In Amman, the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan on Friday welcomed the trilateral statement issued by Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China on resuming diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, expressing appreciation for Oman and Iraq’s role in reaching this agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in Amman expressed hope that this agreement would contribute to enhancing security and stability in the region, in a way that preserves the sovereignty of states while avoiding interference in their internal affairs, and serves common interests.

In Algiers, Algeria welcomed the resumption of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, with the reopening of the embassies of the two countries within a maximum period of two months.

In a statement by its Foreign Ministry, Algeria expressed its satisfaction with the positive atmosphere that characterized the talks that took place between the two countries, under the patronage of the People’s Republic of China.

It also stressed that the agreement will enable the two countries and the two fraternal peoples to strengthen cooperation and solidarity within the framework of adhering to the principles stipulated in the UN Charter and resolving disagreements through dialogue, which will contribute to strengthening peace and security in the region and in the world.

In Islamabad, Pakistan welcomed the normalization of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran facilitated by China.

Pakistan said that it firmly believes that this important diplomatic breakthrough will contribute to peace and stability in the region and beyond.

In a statement, Pakistan said, “We commend the role played by China’s visionary leadership in coordinating this historic agreement which reflects the power of constructive engagement and meaningful dialogue. We laud sagacious leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran for this very positive development.”

The statement also affirmed, “Pakistan will continue to play a constructive role in the Middle East and the region. We hope this positive step would be a role model for regional cooperation and harmony.” — SPA

March 11, 2023
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