Dallah Hospital Namar provides integrated health care for ENT patients

March 27, 2023

Dallah Hospital Namar in Riyadh is one of the most prominent Dallah hospitals for health services, as the hospital puts the needs of its patients in all social layers at the forefront of its priorities, as it works on a patient-centered approach, with a commitment to providing medical services in an effective manner, in order to live up to the aspirations of the patient and society in general.

Dallah Hospital Namar is characterized by its inclusion of a group of medical cadres specialized in various fields of medicine, who are keen to provide health care services, in addition to the fact that the clinics and departments of the hospital are equipped with the latest high-tech medical devices, which provides integrated medical care for all patients.

The hospital works hard to provide its medical services with integrated quality, commitment to professionalism and teamwork, which bears the responsibility of providing health care at the highest level in accordance with advanced standards.

With regard to the ENT clinic at Dallah Hospital Namar, the clinic works to provide the necessary treatments for vocal cords and sinus infections with an endoscope, in addition to providing treatments for middle ear infections and cases of tonsillitis, and treatment of chronic ear infections. The clinic also provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for various acute and chronic conditions for patients of all ages.

The clinic also provides the necessary diagnoses and treatments for infectious diseases, birth defects, ailments, cancer and various injuries. It also provides treatments for allergic disorders, such as allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, which is one of the most prevalent and common diseases in the KSA.

Above all, the clinic works to measure hearing, and determine the degree of hearing loss, in all patients of all ages. Through this process, hearing sensitivity is assessed and examined, the eardrum is examined, middle ear diseases are detected, diagnosed and the necessary treatments are put in place for all these cases.

Dr. Ahmed Shehata Saleh, an ENT consultant, spoke about the various services provided by the ENT clinic at Dallah Hospital Namar, saying: "The clinic provides a package of high-quality medical services in the field of ENT, as we are keen to cover all social layers of the community, with the application of all health safety standards.” He stressed that all staff working in the clinic work in a team spirit, in order to provide integrated health care, as we focus on the patient first and foremost.

It is worth mentioning that Dallah Health Group comprises of six pioneering health care facilities, serving more than 1.5 million patients annually, throughout the KSA, via more than 900 beds and 500 outpatient clinics. The group employs more than 3,000 employees, including around 1,000 specialists, in its effort to provide the highest standards of health care in the KSA.

March 27, 2023
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