Cinema and Tourism

May 01, 2023
Cinema and Tourism

Majed Garoub

The world of travel has been revolutionized by the idea of using movies and TV shows as inspiration for visiting new locations. In the same way that people spend hours binge-watching their favorite shows on Netflix or HBO, travelers are increasingly seeking out destinations they've seen on screen.

According to a report from American Express that highlighted the fact that Gen-Z and millennial travelers are increasingly booking trips after seeing a destination on screen. The report found that 44% of Gen-Z travelers and 38% of millennial travelers have been inspired to book a trip after seeing a destination on screen.

According to the article on Jan.26, 2023, Jennifer Lopez's movies “Shotgun Wedding” and “Ticket to Paradise,” had a direct impact and increased tourism in the Philippines, as well as the Island of Bali in Indonesia.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in the article “Cinema, Fashion, and Heritage”, on Nov. 14, 2022, many films were produced to show tourist sites and historical narrations of the events, which showed the cultures and heritage, including the food, clothing, customs, and traditions.

It showcases the most innovative and captivating films from around the globe. The world’s most talented filmmakers and actors both established and upcoming are attracted to the Cannes Film Festival.

Other articles published in the newspaper about some of the famous films and actors such as "Lord of the Rings" films have led to increased tourism in New Zealand, where many scenes of the films were shot.

Similarly, the TV series "Game of Thrones" has inspired many people to visit locations in Northern Ireland, Croatia, and other countries where the show was filmed. The film scenes promoted all elements that support tourism, from the sea to local people, affordable goods, food, and activities diversity, security, and hospitality.

In conclusion, the report from American Express suggests that HBO and Netflix are having a significant impact on the travel decisions of millennial and Gen-Z travelers.

The rise of streaming services and social media platforms has only further fueled this trend, making it easier than ever to find inspiration for your next travel destination.

As such, the travel industry needs to capitalize on this trend and provide travelers with more opportunities to experience the destinations they see on screen this confirms what I mentioned in most of my previous articles about the importance of cinemas for tourism promotion.

May 01, 2023
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