Second phase of Yemen’s renewable-energy water project launches

May 03, 2023

HADRAMOUT — The second phase of a project to use renewable energy to improve the quality of life in Yemen launched in the governorates of Hadramout, Abyan, and Lahij, with the aim of implementing 35 solar-powered agricultural irrigation systems.

The project is through the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY), the Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND), and the Selah Foundation for Development.

The first phase saw the signing of three contracts between the advisory body, the executing contractor, and the farmers benefiting from the project, in the presence of representatives of SDRPY; and Selah Foundation for Development’s Executive Director Ali Hassan Bashmakh.

The second phase of the project aims to rehabilitate agricultural irrigation water wells through solar power systems in the targeted governorates, which grow food crops, including grains, fruits, vegetables and fodder, but have been hit by operational difficulties due to drought.

This phase, which has 580 beneficiaries, will help alleviate the burden on farm owners and support sustainable agricultural production.

The first phase of the project has contributed to fulfilling the needs of the beneficiaries to find clean and potable water, achieving water security, and enhancing rural resilience.

Also, the first phase has effectively helped provide safe access to clean water, reduce the suffering of people who face difficulty in securing water, and save the cost of fuel as well as operational and economic expenses for the beneficiaries.

Moreover, the first phase played a role in making a qualitative leap on raising the operational efficiency of drinking-water systems and improving the quality of life.

With over 62,000 beneficiaries, the project of renewable energy use to improve the quality of life in Yemen includes rehabilitating wells through implementing 12 drinking-water systems powered by renewable energy and providing energy to around 20 educational and health facilities.

The project also aims to supply 133 houses with renewable energy and provide drinking water to the five Yemeni governorates of Hadramout, Abyan, Lahij, Taiz, and Al-Hodeidah.

The project also includes holding training sessions for field engineers on solar-powered water wells to enhance their skills, build their technical capacities, and ensure the project’s sustainability.

The project is intended to help Yemeni society by finding solutions to many of the issues of water cuts and difficulties obtaining water. — SPA

May 03, 2023
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