Up to SR5 million fine for breaking postal regulations

PTA approves formation of committee to deal with violators

June 01, 2023

Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Board of Directors of the Transport General Authority (TGA) has approved the formation of a committee to examine violations of the Postal Law.

The committee will carry out studies about 77 violations identified by the authority by classifying them and determining penalties for violators of the executive regulations of the law.

The law aims to better organize the service and strengthen the principle of fairness and independence in the postal sector in the Kingdom. It is in line with activating the role of PTA in exercising its competencies covered by its oversight and supervisory role to ensure the quality and efficiency of land, sea and rail transport activities.

The committee will take measures against violators of the Postal Law, its executive regulations, or licensing procedures, and will impose penalties contained in the law. The penalties include a financial fine og not exceeding SR5 million, as well as stopping the service that is subject to the violation and suspend the license, or part of it, or prevent its renewal for a period not exceeding three years.

The schedule of violations and penalties for them were issued according to the decision of the Board of Directors of PTA on March 22. It includes the classification of all violations, and the minimum and maximum value of the fine for each violation, and the committee may, according to its discretion, refer any violation involving an act or procedure punishable by the law to the authority. The committee enjoys complete independence in its work and decision-making.

The Postal Law stipulates the necessity and importance of preserving the rights of beneficiaries and the service provider and they have recourse to the Board of Grievances in case of complaints about the committee’s decisions, the authority pointed out.

June 01, 2023
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