Saudi tourism boom is reviving the hospitality equipment and supplies sector: Danube Hospitality

September 16, 2023
Shubhojit Mahalanobis, director of Danube Hospitality.
Shubhojit Mahalanobis, director of Danube Hospitality.

On the sidelines of the Hotel Show, Shubhojit Mahalanobis, director of Danube Hospitality, highlighted the growing optimism in the hospitality equipment and supplies industry while underscoring the government’s integral role in the revival of the tourism sector.

Danube Hospitality has made a foray into the Saudi market at the Hotel Show with an ambitious road map.

1. Saudi Arabia is the fastest-growing tourism destination in the G20. According to you, what are the growth drivers and how did they influence Danube Hospitality to expand into Saudi Arabia?

Under the aegis of the Danube Group and supported by the conglomerate’s diversified businesses and global partnerships, our one-stop-shop hospitality solutions will revolutionize the industry.

We believe close cooperation between the public and private sectors will be integral to achieving ambitious goals like Vision 2030 and net-zero emissions. In the context of Saudi Arabia's hospitality industry, we see Danube as a key driver for prioritizing this cooperation.

The enthusiastic response to our introduction in the Saudi market during the Hotel Show has only reinforced our belief in this partnership's potential.

Underneath Saudi’s growing stature as a hub for both pilgrimage and non-religious tourism is a robust foundation of well-timed policies, governmental spending, and sociocultural reforms.

The tourism and hospitality industries are exemplifying the progress under Vision 2030. For Danube, this unique juncture spelt opportunities to bridge gaps in the value chain and enable hospitality businesses to optimize their operations.

2. What are the unique value propositions that hospitality businesses in Saudi can expect from Danube?

Danube Hospitality enters Saudi as the region’s only one-stop-shop solutions provider, with a consolidator model for esteemed international brands as partners. It brings to the table more than 50 top international brands in operating supplies from 30 different countries, as well as state-of-the-art commercial kitchen & FFE offerings from ISO-certified factories.

As a result, hotels, restaurants, institutions, and other commercial and residential entities can secure their end-to-end requirements under the single Danube umbrella. That unique value proposition has profound implications for hospitality businesses grappling with the issue of multi-vendor engagement and the accompanying gaps and silos.

Additionally, Danube boasts a stellar client portfolio and demonstrated track record of hospitality excellence in the UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain. Our diverse product line of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), chinaware, cutlery, glassware, commercial kitchen equipment, and linen have closely catered to the requirements of ultra-luxury Michelin-starred restaurants and price-sensitive homeowners alike.

Our time-honored ability to provide industry-best price points, supported by the conglomerate’s strong fundamentals, is a great incentive for our prospective customers in Saudi.

3. Why is sustainability the core of Danube Hospitality’s go-to-market strategy in Saudi? How will products/solutions characterize sustainability?

The unwavering commitment to sustainability is a characteristic we share with all other verticals of the Danube Group. The conglomerate has made a visible contribution to the sustainability transition, particularly in region-specific priorities like water security.

We are promoting AirOWater, a solution to responsibly and sustainably source water from the atmosphere, helping reduce dependence on carbon-intensive processes like desalination. Furthermore, we partner with ESG-rated brands and promote organic and plastic-free products along with vegan, eco-friendly and compostable wet and dry in-room amenities and more.

All in all, Danube Hospitality is geared toward value-chain sustainability, from material sourcing to the entirety of the product life cycle. Our in-house linen brand, Fiori, embodies that principle. The growing emphasis on sustainability worldwide necessitates hospitality businesses — which have a considerable energy footprint — to embrace that approach.

By joining hands with Danube Hospitality, businesses in Saudi can catalyze their sustainability transitions by association. Together, we can meaningfully and measurably ensure the hospitality industry is aligned with the Kingdom’s social, economic, and environmental vision. — SG

September 16, 2023
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